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$20 makeup challenge?

28 Jun

Pants here. I’m a big fan of makeup videos on YouTube – duh. A lot of girls do the $20 makeup challenge, and I love/hate these videos.

Basically, the story behind the $20 challenge is that you’ve lost all of your makeup (I know, that’s terrifying, but we’ll get through it together), and you ONLY have TWENTY DOLLARS to replace everything.

I take this a little too seriously and ask a lot of questions. Did I just temporarily lose my makeup? Like, did I leave it at home and I’m only going to be out of town overnight? Then I’ll be fine without it. Did the airport lose my makeup bag and I’ll have to go the whole trip without it? Then that’s unacceptable, for multiple reasons and that airline is going to get a stern talking to.

In these videos, girls typically leave out products to make the cut – sometimes skipping foundation and only using concealer for spots. Pffft, no.

Before I even start this challenge, I’ve already failed because I know it won’t be under $20 and I’m not even going to try to keep it under. What I’m doing is picking out the most inexpensive products that I like AND that I typically use every day.


(Let’s just pretend that the Wet n Wild palette in the photo isn’t green – I’d pick a more neutral one for this situation.)

  • Revlon Nearly Naked foundation (Vanilla) – $7.49 – This is the only drugstore foundation that I’ve ever actually liked. It has a light to medium coverage and is a pretty light formula. It looks nice when applied with fingers or a brush. AND it doesn’t make me look shiny or orange – always a plus. I was using this every day, but I’ve recently switched to a BB cream because I prefer really light coverage during the summer.
  • Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder (Transparent) – $3.97 – I bought this on the recommendation of Tanya Burr, who is one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. She was an actual makeup artist and  knows her stuff. I bought this to replace my $20+ MAC Mineral Skin Finish Natural and I can’t tell a difference between the two once they’ve been applied.
  • Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer (Radient) – $6.44 – I don’t have dark under eye circles, but sometimes my eyes are dark on the outside corners, so I like to lighten them up with a salmon concealer. The concealer I previously used creased in the lines under my eyes, and that’s not cute. I admit, this one will crease not long after I’ve applied it, but then I dab it with my finger once I’ve finished all of my makeup, and it doesn’t happen again for the rest of the day.
  • N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Face Powder Sunny bronzer$2.99 – If you’ve watched YouTube beauty videos, I’m sure you’ve heard many girls talk about this. I resisted for a long time. Then Red gave in, loved it and I decided I had to try it. I’ve been using it every day since. It’s pigmented, so I don’t have to use much. It’s great for contouring my ghostly pale skin, and doesn’t make me look orange.
  • Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush (Hot Tamale) – $6.94 – This was one of those things that I kept seeing around and it looked so interesting that I had to try it. I had heard that they weren’t very pigmented, so I picked the brightest color available, and I love how it looks.  Plus, it’s easy to apply with fingers.
  • *Maybelline Define-A-Brow eyebrow pencil (Medium Brown) – $5.97 – Honestly, I’m not a fan of these. They’re a little waxy and you only get 1/3 of the product you do in the MAC Eye Brows, which I love. Plus, when I bought them, I could never find them under $7. At $16, the MAC Eye Brows is the better deal.
  • *e.l.f. Eyelid Primer$1 – Meh. I need primer so that my shadows don’t crease if I get sweaty. I MEAN GLOWY. Girls don’t sweat, remember?! I tried this a couple years ago, and wasn’t impressed. Other people love it. It’s only $1, though, so why not try it out?
  • *Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye Shadow Trio (Silent Treatment) – $2.09 – Another of my favorite girls on YouTube, Leighannsays, loves her some Wet n Wild. I decided to try out a couple trios, and I was honestly impressed. Both palettes I bought were green, and I’m not a green eyeshadow everyday type of girl, so they don’t get much use. I might have to try a more neutral one sometime.
  • Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner (Sapphire) –  $7.94 – I’ve tried high-end cream liners and Maybelline’s work just as well. The only downside is the color selection isn’t that great. But if you need a black, brown, navy or purple cream liner, these are the way to go. PLUS, each one comes with a brush that actually gets a precise line.
  • Maybelline Volume Express Mega Plush waterproof mascara (Very Black) – $5.94 – This is my current favorite drugstore mascara. This is actually a gel-mousse mascara, which means it leaves eyelashes feeling soft, instead of crunchy. Even the waterproof feels soft, and it holds curl. I’ve heard people say this is for a more natural look, but if you just keep adding more, you can pump up the jams, er, volume. And it’s not clumpy!

TOTAL = $50.77

*products I don’t currently own/use, but have in the past, so they aren’t in the photo


Oh, but wait! You’ve lost all of your brushes, too, because the world is a cruel, cruel place. I think I could get away with just these two tools:

  • Real Techniques blush brush$8.99 – Recently bought this and fell in love. It’s so soft, and perfect for blush. However, it could easily be used for setting powder all over the face and contouring with bronzer.

  • e.l.f. eyelash curler $1 – I did use this for a while, but then went on to another curler. It’s been a long time since I’ve used it, but I think it worked fine. My lashes are really hard to curl and go straight down, so I’m always trying new curlers and keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle.
NEW TOTAL = $60.76

Okay, that’s triple the allowed amount. Whoops? But really, drugstore makeup isn’t as cheap as you think it is and adds up quickly. I could have gone the e.l.f. route because many of their products are only $1 to $3, but why buy something that I’m not going to continue to use? Why not buy products that I like? If I don’t use the products when I (hopefully) get my makeup back, then it was a waste of $20.

Ow, ow, okay, stop twisting my arm. If I ABSOLUTELY had to keep it under $20, here’s what I would buy:

  • Revlon Nearly Naked foundation – $7.49
  • Maybelline Define-A-Brow eyebrow pencil – $5.97
  • Maybelline Volume Express Mega Plush waterproof mascara – $5.94

TOTAL = $19.40

Foundation is important. My skin is pretty clear most of the time, but I get flushed pretty easily, so I’d just like to have it evened out.  After that, eyebrows and eyelashes are equally important. As everyone and your mother has always said, eyebrows frame your face. Luckily, I do have eyebrows and they’re dark, but they need filled in. My eyelashes are the same way – dark, but need a assistance. Plus, I look 12 without my mascara, as opposed to looking 16 like usual.

If you only had $20 to replace your makeup, what would you buy?




Poll results / 300th Post Giveaway Extravaganza!!!!

21 Nov

One-hundred-percent of our two voters have worn “eat-your-heart-out” makeup!  In case you need a little help with your “eat-your-heart-out” makeup, here are a couple of lovely looks.

“Boy Crazy Makeup” by Carlene K:

“Jackie Gordon Makeup Tutoial” by Chicmakeup160:

Now on to more important things – this is our 300th post!

In honor of this milestone of talking about makeup approximately 300 times, we’ve decided to do a giveaway of our favorite drugstore products!


  • glittery makeup bag from Forever 21
  • e.l.f. eyeshadow brush
  • e.l.f. concealer brush
  • Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets
  • Almay Makeup Eraser Sticks
  • eos lip balm in strawberry sorbet
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Frock Star
  • Milani Eye Tech Liquid Eyeliner in black
  • Wet ‘n Wild Limited Edition Color Icon Glitter Kit in Twinkle Town
  • Wet ‘n Wild Color Icon 6 shadow palette in Lust
  • Wet ‘N Wild Color Icon trio in Walking on Eggshells
  • Wet ‘N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Eggplant
  • Maybelline Lasting Drama gel eyeliner in Brown
  • Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara in Very Black

TO ENTER: Comment on THIS post with the words “GLIMMER AND SHIMMER” and tell us what your favorite drug store makeup item is.

GIVEAWAY CLOSES:  Monday, November 28 at 12:00 a.m. EST


PRIZE SHIPS: United States of America

DETAILS: One entry per e-mail address is permitted. The winner will be selected using and announced on Tuesday, November 29.

*We weren’t paid or perk’d for hosting this giveaway, we just wanted to reward our lovely readers! All products were purchased by us with our own money.

Good luck!


Red & Pants

Tried it Tuesday – Wet ‘N Wild Color Icon Trio

15 Nov

Pants here. Today I’m going to talk about a drugstore product I’ve tried recently that really surprised me.

Wet ‘N Wild Color Icon Palettes ($2.99, CVS): I remember Wet ‘N Wild from my middle school and high school makeup days. I used to love to look at and sometimes buy drugstore makeup, but I didn’t really wear it. And if I did, it wasn’t out of the house.

I don’t think I ever actually bought Wet ‘N Wild. I thought the name was silly, and that it was cheap. Well, I’ve continued to feel that way until recently as I’ve seen several beauty gurus on YouTube rave about them. And it wasn’t like people who say everything is great and perfect, it was gurus I trust, like emilynoel83 and nvmakeuplover. These two girls will tell you exactly how they feel about products.

Anyway, since I’ve been seeing them talk about Wet ‘N Wild shadows and swatch them, I’ve been wanting to try some out. I had my eye on the Color Icon Trio in Cool as a Cucumber, but when I decided to take the plunge and shell out all $3, Walmart was out of stock of that color. Luckily, Kmart had it! But Kmart also had I Dream of Greenie, and I’m a sucker for greens. I decided since they were only $3, I’d check out both.

Cool as a Cucumber, I Dream of Greenie

Let me just say, these are soooooo pigmented. They are really smooth and soft, blend well and wear great. I tried Cool as a Cucumber first, and I wore it just like the packaging suggests – light green on the brow, purple in the crease and dark green on the lid.

I feel like my eyes look weird there. Do my eyes look weird? Am I just cray cray? Bueller?

I Dream of Greenie was CRAZY bright. I wore it on a day when I thought I wasn’t going to be leaving the house (the day my thesis proposal was due, eeeeeeee!). But then I ended up getting tricked into going out, and I had both a male and female say although the color was bright, it wasn’t scary 80s bright, and the greens looked good. I did not get a picture of that look, unfortunately. Here are some swatches.

My bathroom lighting isn’t that great. I probably should have swatched these at 1 p.m. instead of 1 a.m. Whatevsies. Cool as a Cucumber is on the left – you can barely see the brow color, a very pale matte green. The middle purple isn’t matte, but not quite metallic either – perhaps a pearlized finish? The dark green is metallic.

On the right is I Dream of Greenie. The brow color is a metallic pale green, the middle is a pearly/metallic aquamarine green, and the lid color is a bright lime green with shimmer. I think the colors in this trio are definitely more pigmented than the Cool as a Cucumber trio.

I’m going to rate these palettes 5/5 sparkles. 

What do you think of Wet ‘N Wild’s products?


Red &  Pants

Poll Results – Do you pick your Halloween costume based on the clothing or makeup?

10 Oct

Well, a whopping zero readers voted in our poll this week. So we’ll tell you what we do. We most definitely pick our costume based on the makeup. There are a few fun Halloween kits out right now.

Flash Face Decorating Kit by Ultraflesh ($60,

Wet N Wild Fantasy Maker Hauntingly Hip Stencil Kits($?, Walgreens & Kmart)

There don’t seem to be as many Halloween kits out this year as last year. Let us know if you’re having any trouble coming up with ideas for Halloween makeup, and we’ll do our best to help you out!


Red & Pants

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