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Hey, remember us!?

27 Jun

Well, hello there! Where have we been? Where have YOU been? Hmm, Mr. Question Pants?

We’ve been busy having like a billion babies (one baby) and earning like a million master’s degrees (one degree). And those things take time, and they come first.

So just like Backstreet, we’re back. ALL RIGHT!

Things will be a little different this time. There won’t been five posts per week because that’s exhausting. This blog is for funsies, not for workies or monies.

Also, we might have some posts that aren’t related to makeup (GASP!). We’ll see. THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE LAND OF GLITTERY UNICORNS!

So if you read Glimmer and Shimmer back in the day, thank you for sticking around. And if you’re new, thank you for joining us and take off your shoes before you get dirt all of the new carpet, you ogre.


Red & Pants


Love for Lisa Eldridge

29 Feb

Many of the makeup gurus we watch on YouTube are just ladies who have taught themselves tricks over the years and have chose to share them. However, you will find the occasional professional makeup artist, and our favorite is Lisa Eldridge.

Lisa has so many helpful and informative videos. All of her looks are different – you’re not going to see her doing the same smokey eye or technique on every video like you see with some people. And we’re super jealous of how gorgeous she looks when she’s only wearing mascara.

She also has a great website where she posts photos of her work, and even has a place where you can suggest a look for her to do a tutorial!

Today we’re going to pick out a few of our favorite videos of Lisa’s to share with you!

One Lipstick …..Many Different Ways to Wear itIn this video, Lisa shows you how to wear a lipstick like a stain, and several other great techniques.


Beautifying Party/Prom Make Up (Photo Friendly) – Lisa shows you how to do a super chic party look.


Chic & Simple 5 Minute Make-Up Look – Here Lisa shows you how to do a super quick yet polished look. She even uses her signature lip liner.


Tell Us, do you have any makeup artists that you love to watch?



Red & Pants

2012 Oscars Best Dressed Picks

27 Feb

We admit we haven’t seen most of the movies that were nominated for Academy Awards. But we’re still interested in what the ladies are wearing and how they did their hair and makeup. Here are our favorite looks from the 2012 Oscars.

Natalie Portman – Natalie always looks gorgeous. You don’t normally think of polka dots on the red carpet, but the cut and fit of this makes it work.

Tina Fey – Can we get this dress in every color, please? Thanks.


Emma Stone – The color, cut, and bow are all just adorable on Emma. She just looks so chic!



Tell us, who did you think was best dressed?



Red & Pants


How NOT to Do a Smoky Eye

25 Jan

We’re big fans of “Jerseylisicous,” a reality show on the Style Network that follows the employees of the Great Gatsby salon.

These girls are not scared of big hair or dark makeup. But they need to tone it down.

Here is the Glam Fairy Alexa doing her signature smoky eye – which is basically just slapping some gray eyeshadow on this poor girl, and little else.

That woman is a professional makeup artist. She was the HEAD makeup artist at a salon, and branched off to start her own business. Could she have not at least put some foundation on the model first? And she’s only putting on concealer to hide her mistakes! Since she wasn’t wearing any other makeup, why not use makeup remover? There are just so many things wrong with that.

The comments may be the best part. If you have some time, check those out.

And because we can’t leave you with that, we wanted to show you how to actually do a smoky eye without ripping someone’s face off or getting gray shadow all over their face.

Here’s a real makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge. She’s awesome. Watch and learn.

Look at that! She cleaned up with a cotton swab! She didn’t try to rip her skin off with concealer!


Red & Pants

The Hunger Games

30 Nov

We love love love love love “The Hunger Games.” Red read the book series over the summer, and told Pants how amazing it was. Pants then read all three books within seven days and is going through a serious withdrawal. (If you have a Kindle, the first ebook is $4.69!) And now we’ve both watched the movie trailer a bazillion times.

We were so excited to find out China Glaze is coming out with a Hunger Games inspired line!

We’re not sure how accurate that photo is, since the first one says “inspired by Prime,” when it should be Prim. Either way, we’re totally excited to see these! They’ll probably be released closer to the movie release date in March 2012.

Red also found some great Hunger Games inspired tutorials.


  • And if you haven’t seen the trailer yet, WATCH IT NOW!


May the odds be ever in your favor.


Red & Pants

Let’s Give Thanks 2011

24 Nov

It’s that time of year again where we take a pause and reflect on what we are thankful for. Here is what we are thankful for:

  • Urban Decay’s Naked Palette
  • Benefit’s High Beam
  • Essie Nail Polish
  • Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes
  • Inglot eyeshadows
  • eos Lip Balm lip spheres

What are you thankful for this year?

Happy Thanksgiving!


Red & Pants

Black Friday Beauty

23 Nov

We’ve heard of a few makeup-related sales going on this Black Friday, so here’s a round-up so you can plan your attack.

Cherry Culture: 20% everything in the store, use code TGS20. Ends November 27.

Inglot: 15% off all online orders and free standard shipping November 24-27.

Sephora: If you like Sephora on Facebook, they have a list of 10 items for $10 that will be on sale in store and online on Friday. Each customer is limited to two items each.QVC: QVC is going to have special sales all day Thursday and Friday. There’s an hour of Philosophy from 2 -3 p.m. EST on Friday with “all special offers.” The Clarisonic is also listed several times on Thursday.

Smashbox: 20% off friends and family sale – use code SBXFF11

Tanger Outlets: Tanger Outlets open 10 p.m. on Thanksgiving, because who wants to spend time with their families, huh!? Am I right?! – Designer Fragrances & Cosmetic Co. – Additional 25% off entire purchase.

Too Faced: Free shipping with code Black11 (good through November 28). Vintage Makeup on sale 50% off.

Urban Decay: First 1,000 customers to enter the code “Black Friday” will get $20 off the Book of Shadows Vol. IV.

Good luck shopping! We’re both planning on telling Santa about that Inglot sale…


Red & Pants

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