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Poll Results – Will you wear green makeup for St. Patty’s Day

12 Mar

We asked our lovely readers if they would wear green makeup for St. Patty’s Day and the answer is a big fat no. Really? Way to crush our souls you guys. Way. To. Crush. Our. Souls.

Perhaps you need some inspiration? Here are some of our favorite green makeup tutorials that should help you out.

Lisa Eldridge – Green Smoke Glamourous Party Eyes:

Pixiwoo – Olive/Gold Eyeshadow tutorial:


And remember – you don’t have to go ALL OUT like a crazy person and be covered in green. Wear some neutral shadows and add a pop of color with some green liner under the bottom lashes. Or maybe paint your accents nails green, and do the rest in an another color. We’re just looking out for you so you won’t be pinched!


Red & Pants 


POLL – Will you wear green makeup for St. Patrick’s Day?

9 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day is just a week away, and it’s time to start planning how much green you’re going to wear so you don’t get pinched by any jerk faces.

Sometimes we like to go all out. Along with our green tops, we might even sport some green eyeshadow, eyeliner AND nail polish. Maybe Pants will even wear her green T-Rex jeans! We ❤ green!

(photo source:


Red & Pants

Poll Results – Which color of nail polish do you prefer for spring?

5 Mar

The winner of Friday’s poll is peach nail polish! Fuchsia and orange tied for second place.

We are big fans of the color peach, so we’ll share some pretty peach polishes with you!

Essie – A Crewed Interest ($8,

Revlon – Peach Nectar ($4,

China Glaze – Peachy Keen ($3.70,

Sephora by OPI – What’s Your Sign ($9.50, – This is a metallic peach!!!

Did we leave out any pretty peaches? We tried to include a variety of brands and prices, so let us know if we missed any good ones!


Red & Pants

POLL – Which color of nail polish do you prefer for spring?

2 Mar

We know it’s not technically spring until the end of the month, but we’re trying to think on the positive side here. We consider March to be spring, so we’re pulling out all of our favorite bright spring colors.

We love the colors of Essie’s spring collection. Which color do you prefer to wear on your nails in the spring?


Red & Pants

POLL – How many foundations do you use?

3 Feb

We went on a foundation hunt yesterday, and have been watching foundation reviews on YouTube like crazy lately.

So we want to know how many foundations do you use? Is there one holy grail foundation that you use every day for every occasion? Do you have your normal foundation, then one for special occasions? Do you use a different one every day of the week?


Red & Pants

Poll Results – What do you do when you have a makeup catastrophe?

30 Jan

Well, it seems we G&S girls may be a little on the extreme side. According to Friday’s poll, which asked what do you do when you have a makeup catastrophe, 100% of voters said they would get by on other products instead of immediately replacing the broken one.

If you missed that post, Red dropped her NARS Laguna bronzer on the floor and basically turned into a dust that covered her whole house and gave her entire family bronze lung. No worries, Red’s brand spankin’ new NARS Laguna bronzer arrives tomorow!

Pants has never had a catastrophe to this degree, but that may be because she sits down on the floor when she does her makeup. Dropping something a couple feet onto carpet is way less tragic.



Red & Pants

POLL – What do you do when you have a makeup catastrophe?

27 Jan

Red had a makeup catastrophe this morning. Being the ogre that she is, she went to grab her NARS Laguna bronzer, and it flew out of the drawer. When she tried to catch it, she hit it and it smacked on the floor and turned into dust and made a big ‘ol mess.

Pants pointed out to her that at least she had hit pan, so it wasn’t like she had destroyed a completely new one. But it’s still heartbreaking, no matter how much or little product there was remaining.

Red immediately ordered a new one, because like the girls of “Jerseylicious,” she can’t live without her bronzah.

RIP NARS Laguna bronzer. 10/3/2011 – 1/26/2012


Red & Pants

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