About Us

This blog was started so Red and Pants could have another place to talk about makeup without driving their friends and loved ones nuts. All of the products we review are items we’ve purchased ourselves or have received as gifts from friends or family. No companies give us free products, but if you’d like to, that would be pretty sweet. This is just something we do for fun, not for money.

(Pants & Red)

Red (Stephanie)

Red has been obsessed with makup for as long as she can remember. She started out with Bonnie Bell, but has since graduated to more grown up brands.  Scouring magazines for new looks and trends has always been a must for Red.

Red’s favorite makeup brands are Stila, Nars, Urban Decay, and MAC.  Red can rarely resist anything with shimmer and sparkle.

Pants (Leann)

Pants has always loved makeup, but just started wearing it on a daily basis a few years ago because of her fear of looking like a clown (We’re not counting that glitter gel from eyelash to eyebrow phase in eighth grade). After taking baby steps, she’s learned how to apply makeup properly and wears purple eyeliner almost daily like it’s nobody’s business.

Pants favorite makeup brands are Urban Decay, Tarina Tarantino and OPI nail polishes. Eyeshadows are her weakness.


You can contact us at GlimmerNShimmer@gmail.com. Please send us suggestions and love! We’ll ignore hate mail, so if that’s what you’re going to send, just save your time and suck it. ❤

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