Hey, remember us!?

27 Jun

Well, hello there! Where have we been? Where have YOU been? Hmm, Mr. Question Pants?

We’ve been busy having like a billion babies (one baby) and earning like a million master’s degrees (one degree). And those things take time, and they come first.

So just like Backstreet, we’re back. ALL RIGHT!

Things will be a little different this time. There won’t been five posts per week because that’s exhausting. This blog is for funsies, not for workies or monies.

Also, we might have some posts that aren’t related to makeup (GASP!). We’ll see. THERE ARE NO RULES IN THE LAND OF GLITTERY UNICORNS!

So if you read Glimmer and Shimmer back in the day, thank you for sticking around. And if you’re new, thank you for joining us and take off your shoes before you get dirt all of the new carpet, you ogre.


Red & Pants


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