Love for Lisa Eldridge

29 Feb

Many of the makeup gurus we watch on YouTube are just ladies who have taught themselves tricks over the years and have chose to share them. However, you will find the occasional professional makeup artist, and our favorite is Lisa Eldridge.

Lisa has so many helpful and informative videos. All of her looks are different – you’re not going to see her doing the same smokey eye or technique on every video like you see with some people. And we’re super jealous of how gorgeous she looks when she’s only wearing mascara.

She also has a great website where she posts photos of her work, and even has a place where you can suggest a look for her to do a tutorial!

Today we’re going to pick out a few of our favorite videos of Lisa’s to share with you!

One Lipstick …..Many Different Ways to Wear itIn this video, Lisa shows you how to wear a lipstick like a stain, and several other great techniques.


Beautifying Party/Prom Make Up (Photo Friendly) – Lisa shows you how to do a super chic party look.


Chic & Simple 5 Minute Make-Up Look – Here Lisa shows you how to do a super quick yet polished look. She even uses her signature lip liner.


Tell Us, do you have any makeup artists that you love to watch?



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