Best of 2011 – Lip & Nail Products

5 Jan

We decided to pick out our favorite products we used in 2011. Instead of having one crazy long post with a ba-jillion items, we decided to cut it down by category so that we can maybe focus a little more on our super duper favies.

Keep in mind, these products weren’t necessarily released in 2011 – they were products we used in 2011 and we loved.

Today we’re going to pick our favorite lip products and nail polishes.

Lip Products

Lip Balm

  • Redeos Lip Balm Smooth Spheres – This is my daily lip balm. I haven’t had an issue with chapped lips since using it. All of the flavors are amazing and I like that they even have an option with SPF.
  • Pants – TIE – Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment / eos Lip Balm Smooth Spheres – I use the Clinique balm when my lips are in really bad shape. You now how they’ll be so dry they’ll just burn for no reason? That’s when I use it and it keeps my lips feeling moisturized. I use the eos spheres on a daily basis – one in the purse, one in the coffee table and one by my bed.

Lip Gloss

  • RedMAC Tinted Lipglass in Nymphette – This is the most amazing nude pink lip gloss ever. EVER. It is perfect during the day for a sheer wash of color. I also love using it over lipsticks to punch things up a bit.
  • PantsUrban Decay Lip Junkie in Crush – Love the bright pink of this color, and I love the cooling effect it has. Also, it kind of has a mint-chocolate-chip smell to it, which is awesome. Lasts long and stays put.


  • RedNP Set Lipstick in Denver – I am so in love with this lipstick. It’s creamy and wears forever. It’s a perfect blush pink and it’s great during the day or in the evening.
  • Pants – Sephora Rogue Cream Lipstick in Crush 23 – I don’t wear lipstick too often, but I recently fell in love with this one. I prefer to wear dark or bright colors, as opposed to nude ones. This is a “deep, reddish plum.”  The formula isn’t dry at all, and I love love love the color.

Nail Products

Base Coat

  • RedBeauty Secrets Moisturizing Base Coat – Once I switched to this base coat I found that my polish started to last a little longer. I also think it helps my nails and cuticles from getting super dry.
  • PantsEssie All In One Base – Once I started using all Essie products, I feel like my polish didn’t chip as much. This base coat dries pretty quickly, which is a plus because I’m impatient.

Top Coat

  • RedBeauty Secrets Top Coat  – This is a fast finish polish which I love. The quicker my nails dry the better. I also love this top coat because it gives the prettiest shine to my manicure.
  • PantsEssie Good to Go – Dries SUPER fast. I can’t sit still, and I’m impatient, so I need a fast drying top coat.

Glitter Top Coat

Top Three Nail Colors


  1. Essie Chinchilly (a granite grey with a tinge of purple)
  2. Essie Lady Like (a soft mauve)
  3. Butter London British Racing Green  (a gorgeous hunter green)
  1. Essie – Dive Bar (navy blue with teal shimmer)
  2. Zoya – Holly (bright metallic green)
  3. Essie – Topless & Barefoot (a nude, soft beige pink)

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