Tried it Tuesday – Essie Luxeffects Glitter Topcoat Collection Holiday 2011

3 Jan

Obviously, we had to have these. 1) Because we effing love Essie, and 2) because they’re glittery. Perfect combination right there. Pants spotted these at Target when she was visiting her family at Christmas, and tried to text Red to find out which ones she wanted. But Red was busy and didn’t answer… And there’s a chance we both went back that night around 9. But some of the colors were already sold out, even though they were all in stock just seven hours earlier.

But then Pants went to Walgreens after Christmas and found them all. And Pants decided to BUY ALL THE GLITTERS!

PantsI love glittery nail polish. The problem with most glitter polishes is that they chip like crazy and super easily. I remember when I first got OPI’s Mad as a Hatter (check out the swatch at All Lacquered Up), and I was so excited to wear it. When I got to work, the polish was completely missing on one nail. It would come off in huge chunks. Sad face.

Top coats with a little bit of glitter last a lot longer, luckily. So far, I’ve tried out Shine of the Times and Set in Stones. Shine of the Times is a flakey glitter that looks orange or green, depending on the angle. I wore it over a bright green polish (Holly by Zoya). It looked pretty and lasted about three days with no chips. Set in Stones is a mix of small silver glitter with large circular silver pieces of glitter. I wore this over Dive Bar by Essie, and it was the perfect New Year’s Eve look. I loved the contrast of the silver glitter with the dark, almost navy base. This only lasted about three days without chipping, but I’m really hard on my nails.

Overall, I love these glitters. They are pretty alone or layered on other polishes. I only wish they’d last a little longer without chipping.

I give the Essie Luxeffects Glitter Topcoat Collection 4 out of 5 sparkles.

Red – I do love myself some glitter, but didn’t go too sparkle crazy like Pants and only bought three of these. I chose A Cut Above, Set in Stones, and Pure Pearlfection.

I first tried A Cut Above. I paired it with Essie’s new shade Armed and Ready. You can find a swatch of  it at Nailspotting. I got four days of wear without any chips. It was actually kinda amazing. I was in major need of some pampering and went in for a manicure a few days before New Years Eve. I brought Set in Stones with me so I could sparkle it up. I paired it with OPI’s Cuckoo for this Color.  The turquoise and silver looked totally amazeballz together. Again, I got  about four days of wear without chipping. My daughter may have been wearing a similar pairing on her toes. Yes she is almost two and wearing nail polish. Why? Because she is MY daughter and loves her pretties too.

I haven’t tried Pure Pearlfection on myself, but have painted my daughter’s nails with it. If you want a simple nail with a little sheen to it, this polish is the answer. Her nails are different than an adult’s and chip rather quickly, and can’t give a good estimate about chipping.

I love these glitters and can’t wait to come up with another pairing to wear.

I give these glitter top coats 4 out of 5 sparkles. 


Red & Pants


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