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Tried It Tuesday – Boots No7 Line and Define Lip Liner

31 Jan

This week’s Tried It Tuesday is brought to you by Red.

Boots No7 Line and Define Lip Liner ($7,

I have been on a YouTube beauty guru watching kick, particularly Lisa Eldridge and Pixiwoo. The No7 lip pencils kept popping up. They always looked amazing so I thought that I better try them out. I knew that Target carried this brand, but for whatever reason I never had the inclination to try any of their products out.

I picked up 20 Nude and Melon. Both gurus used both colors in their videos. Lisa Eldridge actually had a hand in designing the color of 20 Nude. Let me tell you, she is a GENIUS of a lady. 20 Nude is the most perfect color ever. It makes your lips the most impeccable peachy nude shade. Lisa Eldridge mentioned that it works great using the pencil with some lip balm over it. I didn’t think that would ever work on me, but it did. The melon shade is just as great. I love it with a light pink gloss over it. I think it will probably be my go-to shade for the summer.

In the past when using lip pencils I found them to be chalky and drying on my lips. This is SO not the case with the No7 lip pencils. They glide on smoothly and you can’t even tell that anything is on your lips. You can wear anything over these pencils, lipstick, gloss, or just lip balm. They all work. Also with lip pencils, I never found one that I didn’t have to reapply over and over again. This pencil has some really nice staying power.

I will tell you all right now. You absolutely MUST have the 20 Nude lip liner in your arsenal. It’s THE perfect shade. School, work, out on the town, it works for any occasion. It’s effortless to use and that is what makes it so great for me.

I give Boots No7 Line and Define Lip Liner 5 out of 5 sparkles. 


Red & Pants


Poll Results – What do you do when you have a makeup catastrophe?

30 Jan

Well, it seems we G&S girls may be a little on the extreme side. According to Friday’s poll, which asked what do you do when you have a makeup catastrophe, 100% of voters said they would get by on other products instead of immediately replacing the broken one.

If you missed that post, Red dropped her NARS Laguna bronzer on the floor and basically turned into a dust that covered her whole house and gave her entire family bronze lung. No worries, Red’s brand spankin’ new NARS Laguna bronzer arrives tomorow!

Pants has never had a catastrophe to this degree, but that may be because she sits down on the floor when she does her makeup. Dropping something a couple feet onto carpet is way less tragic.



Red & Pants

POLL – What do you do when you have a makeup catastrophe?

27 Jan

Red had a makeup catastrophe this morning. Being the ogre that she is, she went to grab her NARS Laguna bronzer, and it flew out of the drawer. When she tried to catch it, she hit it and it smacked on the floor and turned into dust and made a big ‘ol mess.

Pants pointed out to her that at least she had hit pan, so it wasn’t like she had destroyed a completely new one. But it’s still heartbreaking, no matter how much or little product there was remaining.

Red immediately ordered a new one, because like the girls of “Jerseylicious,” she can’t live without her bronzah.

RIP NARS Laguna bronzer. 10/3/2011 – 1/26/2012


Red & Pants

How NOT to Do a Smoky Eye

25 Jan

We’re big fans of “Jerseylisicous,” a reality show on the Style Network that follows the employees of the Great Gatsby salon.

These girls are not scared of big hair or dark makeup. But they need to tone it down.

Here is the Glam Fairy Alexa doing her signature smoky eye – which is basically just slapping some gray eyeshadow on this poor girl, and little else.

That woman is a professional makeup artist. She was the HEAD makeup artist at a salon, and branched off to start her own business. Could she have not at least put some foundation on the model first? And she’s only putting on concealer to hide her mistakes! Since she wasn’t wearing any other makeup, why not use makeup remover? There are just so many things wrong with that.

The comments may be the best part. If you have some time, check those out.

And because we can’t leave you with that, we wanted to show you how to actually do a smoky eye without ripping someone’s face off or getting gray shadow all over their face.

Here’s a real makeup artist, Lisa Eldridge. She’s awesome. Watch and learn.

Look at that! She cleaned up with a cotton swab! She didn’t try to rip her skin off with concealer!


Red & Pants

Tried It Tuesday – Boots No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation

24 Jan

It’s Tuesday again, so that means review time!


Boots No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation ($13.99,

I’m a tinted moisturizer girl. It’s what I started with, and it’s what I prefer on most days. One reason I held off on wearing makeup for so long was that I couldn’t stand the feel of foundation on my face. Over the last year or so, I’ve been searching for the perfect foundation for days when I want to look a little more… flawless? Put together? I don’t know, I just have foundation days sometimes.

I decided to give this Boots No7 mousse foundation a try after one of my favorite YouTubers, nvmakeuplover, did a review of it. I thought I’d give it a try since it wasn’t too pricey and I could actually go get it at Target and not have to order it.

The texture is very soft, and when you blend it in, if gives a matte, powdery finish. There’s no need for setting powder. However, I have combination skin and in the winter, my forehead and cheeks can look flakey. And this product seems to just make it worse. I’ve tried it several times since I bought it in September, and it’s only looked nice maybe twice.

I do moisturize before applying, but my forehead still looks flakey. And it seems like the more I blend, the worse it looks.

Flakes aside, I do like the coverage and lightweight feel of the product. I’m hoping to try it again when it starts to get warmer and my skin decides it’s going to be oily again.

If you have normal to oily skin, this product might be really great for you. Combination and dry skinned girls should probably avoid it.

I give Boots No7 Intelligent Balance Mousse Foundation 2 out of 5 sparkles.


Red & Pants

Poll Results – What colors do you wear to stay peppy in the winter?

23 Jan

According to our poll, it looks like 50% of our readers wear reds, while 50% wear bright pinks to stay peppy in the winter.

When winter started, Pants was wearing a lot of cranberry eyeshadows and blush. But as the cold and gloomy weather keeps going on and on and on, she’s gone back to coral and bright pink blushes to brighten things up. Pants’ favorite product lately to brighten up her look is Tarte’s Amazonian Clay blush in Tipsy ($25, Is it spring yet?

Red’s has been punching the winter blues up a bit with a brighter lip. She has been loving Benefit’s Ultra Shine Lip Shine in Spiked Punch ($18,


Tell us, what products have you been using to spice things up this winter?



Red & Pants

POLL – What colors do you wear to stay peppy in the winter?

20 Jan

We. Are. Over. Winter. No mo’ snow, please. We’re tired of being cold, and itchy, and cleaning snow off of our cars, and being stuck inside. Bring us spring.

But since spring is still a while off, sometimes we have to wear bright colors to make us feel a little less gloomy. Luckily for us, spring collections are starting to pop up now, like MAC’s Shop MAC, Cook MAC collection (you can see the pretty colors at Temptalia!)

If you chose “other,” please tell us in the comments what color you wear!


Red & Pants

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