Everybody put your best suit or dress on…

31 Dec

Hello lovely readers!

So, we had a crazy week with the holidays and being out of town and blah blah blah.  I’m sure you all understand. But Santa was very good to us both, and we got lots of pretties, and we hope you did too!

According to our last poll, “What’s your Christmas style?”:

  • 60% of readers go comfy and casual
  • 20% glam it up!
  • 20% wear their everyday look

We tend to go with our everyday look as well, but perhaps a comfy version of our everyday look. Is that cheating? Whatevs, we do what we want!

ANYWAY, we just couldn’t NOT post a New Year’s Eve poll. It is our belief that you have to wear sparkles to bring you good luck for the next year. We’ve been planning what sparkles we’re going to wear for a while now… In fact, we spend more time deciding what we’re going to wear than what we’re actually going to do on New Year’s Eve.

So what sparkles are you going to wear? You can choose as many items as you want, because you know we’re not choosing one sparkly thing over another.


If we left out any kind of sparkles, you make sure to let us know!

Hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve and a happy, happy, happy New Year!


Red & Pants


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