Pants’ Santa List

22 Dec

Dearest Santa,

I have been a very, very, very good girl this year. Despite how terrible the last several months have been, I haven’t attacked anyone, or flipped any tables, and I only flipped one person off  (and it’s because it was raining and I was crossing the street and had 2 seconds left and he sped up and almost hit me and honked at me!) Oh, and I did push one guy and threaten to punch him in his mouth, but I WAS JUST KIDDING! I didn’t mean to scare him away! OK, I kinda did… But it wasn’t mean spirited!

Anyway, because I was so good this year, I’m hoping you can bring me the following makeups:

Inglot 10-pan Freedom System  & eyeshadow squares – (10 pan palette – $14, eyeshadow squares – $5/each, I needs me some Inglot. I feel I have a hard time traveling with just one eyeshadow palette because I want the browns from one, grays from another and the purples from a third. If I can make my own Inglot palette, I can have the browns, grays, peaches, purples and greens of my dreams all in one palette! (Also, is it too much to ask for you to have an Inglot put in closer to Morgantown? It is? OK, well can you find me a job and place to live in New York City? No? OK, fiiiiiiiiiiiine.)

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette ($50, – OK, so, um, this may have accidentally came to my house already. And by accidentally, I meant I had it sent to my house. But I will pretend to be surprised when I see it on Christmas, promise!

Sigma Dry’n Shape ($29, – I received some very pretty aqua brushes for my birthday, and I think I need the Dry’n Shape so that I can take extra good care of them. I think I’ve asked for them before. But no one has listened, Santa. NO ONE!

Meowy Christmas from Pinkus!

❤ LOVES! ❤ xoxo,



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