Tried It Tuesday – Urban Decay Naked2

13 Dec

You all know that we could not wait to get our Urban Decay Naked2 Palettes. We have been using them non-stop and here are our thoughts.

Urban Decay Naked2 ($50,


I love this palette and it would be a necessary asset to anyone’s collection. It definitely did not disappoint. Neutral browns, greys, and taupes are what I’m typically drawn to and so I just loved seeing all of those shades in this collection. Half Baked is a beautiful gold color that was also in the previous Naked Palette. Some people have complained about this throughout the blogosphere, but it didn’t upset me at all. It’s a great color to use by itself or to help soften a darker color. I was super pumped that there was a matte black shade. I prefer when setting liners to use a matte shadow over a sparklier shadow. Surprisingly, I think my favorite shade in the palette is Pistol. It’s an amazing taupey grey shade. I love using it for a pretty day look.

I like the packaging of this palette. It’s a plastic tin and seems a lot sturdier than the previous Naked Palette. I also love the improvement of the mirror. You can actually see and use the mirror. The previous one was ridiculously small. Like it’s predecessor it is perfect for travel.

I give this palette 5 out of 5 sparkles.


A lot of people are saying the Original Naked and Naked2 are too similar to justify having both, but I totally disagree. If you are familiar with Too Faced’s palettes, I would compare the original Naked Palette to Too Faced’s Natural Eye Collection and Naked2 to Too Faced’s Naked Eye Collection. The original Naked is more medium and dark browns, while the Naked2 has more light colors and grays.

Like Red, I love the larger mirror. And also like Red, Pistol is my favorite color, with Tease and YDK coming in second. In fact, I’m currently wearing Pistol on the lid, and Tease in the crease! (and Bootycall as a highlight with Blackout as a liner!)

I wasn’t too pumped about having Half Baked in this one since I have the original and it was in there. I would rather have had a new color, but at least Half Baked is a nice color that I wear.

All the colors have nice pigmentation. One great thing about Urban Decay’s palettes is that the shadows are always high quality – velvety smooth and super pigmented.

We’ve noticed a lot of people asking “If I have the original Naked, should I get the Naked2?” and “Which one should I get?” We can’t tell you that. It’s a personal preference thing. If you can see them in person to compare them, then do that. But if not, just think – do I prefer the darker brown colors (Naked), or do I want lighter taupes and grays (Naked2)? Or do I need them all? Obviously, we need them all.


Red & Pants

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