Tried It Tuesday – Tarte The Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity

6 Dec

Tarte The Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity ($52, Sephora exclusive) – Pants here. When I got a bunch of Sephora gift cards for my birthday in September, I knew I wanted to hold onto them until everyone started releasing their holiday collections. I looked out for all my favorite brands to see who had the holiday set I wanted the most. I ended up deciding on The Starlet set by Tarte – I LOVE their Amazonian clay blushes, but have never tried their eyeshadows, and thought this would be a great way to try them out. For 52, I got 24 eyeshadows, two Amazonian clay blushes, a highlighter, a bronzer, a mini multiplEYE Natural Lash Enhancing Primer and Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara in black.

First of all, this vanity is adorable. But it collects finger prints…. but no one is ever in my room to see it, so that doesn’t matter, right? Also, it takes up a lot of space. That’s not really an issue with me at the moment, but I can see why that would deter people from buying it. The plastic inserts do come out though, so you could probably easily depot the products and put them all in one smaller palette. This is definitely not travel-friendly.

A lot of reviews on this palette have discussed pigmentation issues. I agree, there are some colors that aren’t that great, but there’s enough in it that works for me that I feel makes it worth the money. I’ll go drawer by drawer…

Top drawer:

Traditional Smoky Eye: I haven’t used these too much, which is strange because I love grays. All these are pigmented and feel velvety soft. The black is really dark and pigmented, which is great. I won’t talk about these individually, because out of all the quads, this one was the most solid.

  • Celebrity (deep shimmering gray)
  • Superstar (deep shimmering silver)
  • Luminary (silver frost)
  • Opening night (sparkling black)

Earthy: These are the colors I use the most. I LOVE Talent, I’m a sucker for peach colors. I typically wear Talent on the lid, Idol in the crease, Cameo as the highlight and sometimes Vitrtuoso as the liner color. I’ll talk about these separately:

  • Talent (shimmering peach) – Soft, shimmery and pigmented. Definitely a favorite of the palette.
  • Idol (matte taupe) – Also soft, has good pigmentation.
  • Cameo (matte beige) – This one isn’t that great. It definitely has pigmentation issues, but I’m not wanting a lot of color from it anyway. I could do without it.
  • Virtuoso (sparkling forest green) – This looks more like a dark gray or black than green. The glitter in it is a little weird. It looks a lot prettier in the pan than when swatched. Disappointing, but still usable.

Plum Smokey Eye: I was excited about this one, but I have so many purples that are better than this that I don’t really use them.

  • Stardom (blackened plum) – Have to pack it on to get it to show up.
  • Icon (warm lilac) – Doesn’t show up on my skin color, and I’m ghostly pale.
  • Major (shimmering plum) – This is the prettiest of the group, but I still have to pack it on.
  • Siren (shimmering deep mauve) – This is so similar to Icon, and it doesn’t show up either. Booooo!

Blues: Out of this group, Fame and Toast are the colors I wear the most. Toast is a favorite of the palette.

  • Fame (shimmering cobalt) – I sometimes use this on top of my navy Maybelline eyeliner. It’s not that pigmented, but when putting it on top of something else, it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t look shimmery either, it looks matte.
  • Big Break (shimmering ice blue) – This one looks matte as well, and definitely has pigmentation issues.
  • V.I.P. (shimmering blue-silver) – LOVE! Such a pretty color, super velvety and pigmented.
  • Toast (shimmering toasted beige) – This is tied with Talent as my favorite from the palette. Great pigmentation, so pretty and great for everyday.

Middle drawer:

Browns: I honestly haven’t used these because if I want browns, I go to the Urban Decay Naked palette.

  • Popular (shimmering golden beige) – This is balls. Looks spotty when swatched.
  • Timeless (shimmering cocoa) – This one is shimmery and pretty and has pretty good pigmentation.
  • Prestige (matte ochre) – This one is good for highlighting, but barely shows up on my skin.
  • Trophy (shimmering golden brown) – GORGEOUS. This is one of the best in the vanity – metallic, super pigmented and soft.

Pinks: I don’t wear pinks too often, but I do like Prima Donna a lot, which isn’t really pink at all.

  • Ingénue (matte baby pink) – Meh. The mattes in this aren’t great, as you can tell.
  • Prima Donna (shimmering cinnamon) – So pretty! This has a pearly/metallic look, and is super soft.
  • Leading Lady (shimmering nude pink) – This and Diva looked pretty similar when swatched. Would be a good natural lid color, but it’s not that special.
  • Diva (shimmering dusty rose) – This one is a little more pigmented than Leading Lady, but pretty similar. Shimmery, natural and gives decent pigmentation.

I haven’t got a chance to try out the multiplEYE Natural Lash Enhancing Primer and Lights, Camera, Lashes! mascara. I do want to try them, but I don’t like having more than one mascara open at once. If this is awesome, don’t worry, you’ll hear about it!

Bottom drawer:

I love all of these, and typically wear all four at once after watching Emilynoel83’s review on the vanity. I use Park Ave. Princess as a contour, then put Glory all over my cheeks, then put Starlet on just the apples. Glory doesn’t give too much color, so it’s nice to have the pop of Starlet on the apples. Then I use Rose as a highlight, sometimes on just the cheekbones, and then sometimes over top of my blush. LOVE all four.

  • Mineral Powder Bronzer in Park Avenue Princess (highly pearled golden tan)
  • Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Glory (shimmering peach)
  • Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in Starlet (shimmering rose)
  • Amazonian Clay Shimmering Powder in Rose (soft petal pink)
Overall, this vanity is cute, and does have some colors that I like in it. But I mostly just use the cheek colors. I can’t travel with it, and I feel like there could be a better variety – more greens, please! And the purples are blah. I do use it, but not as much as I had hoped – I thought I would be using this everyday once I got it, or at least once a week… Hasn’t happened. I’m disappointed, but I do still use this from time to time.

I give the Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity 3 out of 5 sparkles.


Red & Pants


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