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Everybody put your best suit or dress on…

31 Dec

Hello lovely readers!

So, we had a crazy week with the holidays and being out of town and blah blah blah.  I’m sure you all understand. But Santa was very good to us both, and we got lots of pretties, and we hope you did too!

According to our last poll, “What’s your Christmas style?”:

  • 60% of readers go comfy and casual
  • 20% glam it up!
  • 20% wear their everyday look

We tend to go with our everyday look as well, but perhaps a comfy version of our everyday look. Is that cheating? Whatevs, we do what we want!

ANYWAY, we just couldn’t NOT post a New Year’s Eve poll. It is our belief that you have to wear sparkles to bring you good luck for the next year. We’ve been planning what sparkles we’re going to wear for a while now… In fact, we spend more time deciding what we’re going to wear than what we’re actually going to do on New Year’s Eve.

So what sparkles are you going to wear? You can choose as many items as you want, because you know we’re not choosing one sparkly thing over another.


If we left out any kind of sparkles, you make sure to let us know!

Hope you all have a lovely New Year’s Eve and a happy, happy, happy New Year!


Red & Pants


POLL – What’s your Christmas style?

23 Dec

Well, lovely readers, it’s almost time for Santa to come to town! We’re being extra good, obvi, because we want to see lots of pretties under the tree.

This week we want to know what your style is for Christmas/holiday festivities. Some people stay home for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with their families, and just stay comfy and keep makeup to a minimum or don’t wear any. Others might attend family events where people dress up and go all out. Or maybe you just treat it like every other day and wearwhatevsies.

So which is it!?

Merry Christmas!!!


Red & Pants

Pants’ Santa List

22 Dec

Dearest Santa,

I have been a very, very, very good girl this year. Despite how terrible the last several months have been, I haven’t attacked anyone, or flipped any tables, and I only flipped one person off  (and it’s because it was raining and I was crossing the street and had 2 seconds left and he sped up and almost hit me and honked at me!) Oh, and I did push one guy and threaten to punch him in his mouth, but I WAS JUST KIDDING! I didn’t mean to scare him away! OK, I kinda did… But it wasn’t mean spirited!

Anyway, because I was so good this year, I’m hoping you can bring me the following makeups:

Inglot 10-pan Freedom System  & eyeshadow squares – (10 pan palette – $14, eyeshadow squares – $5/each, I needs me some Inglot. I feel I have a hard time traveling with just one eyeshadow palette because I want the browns from one, grays from another and the purples from a third. If I can make my own Inglot palette, I can have the browns, grays, peaches, purples and greens of my dreams all in one palette! (Also, is it too much to ask for you to have an Inglot put in closer to Morgantown? It is? OK, well can you find me a job and place to live in New York City? No? OK, fiiiiiiiiiiiine.)

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette ($50, – OK, so, um, this may have accidentally came to my house already. And by accidentally, I meant I had it sent to my house. But I will pretend to be surprised when I see it on Christmas, promise!

Sigma Dry’n Shape ($29, – I received some very pretty aqua brushes for my birthday, and I think I need the Dry’n Shape so that I can take extra good care of them. I think I’ve asked for them before. But no one has listened, Santa. NO ONE!

Meowy Christmas from Pinkus!

❤ LOVES! ❤ xoxo,


Red’s Santa List

21 Dec

Okay Santa I have been a very good girl this year. Well at least I haven’t been as much of an ogre as Pants. That counts for something, right? Right?

So these are some things that I really really REALLY need to have in my life.

Nars Blush in Amour ($27, – It’s no lie, I love me some Nars blushes. A certain Lauren Conrad may have recommended this blush. If she recommends something, you go out and get it. Just do it! It’s the easiest way to stay chic and up to date.

Tarte Picture Perfect Duo ($15, – It’s just time that I get a better quality curling wand. I can’t even tell you how many I’ve been through recently. I’ve had my eye on this for quite a while and absolutely loves that it comes with a mascara. Need. More. Mascara.

Sigma Brush Kit –  Make Me Crazy in purple ($109, sigma.c0m) – Yes I asked the Birthday Fairy for this. Birthday Fairy didn’t listen. So now I’m asking Santa. I really do need some new brushes. I have some cheapies that break apart every day while using them. I just need some quality brushes and in purple. These are it!

Season’s Greetings from the Christmas Monster!

Happy Holidays!



Tried It Tuesday – Revlon Lip Butters

20 Dec

If you’ve been perusing beauty blogs, then we’re sure that you’ve heard all the buzz about Revlon’s Lip Butters. We definitely have and scoured our tiny little town for them. Pants found them first and picked some up for the both of us.

Revlon Lip Butters ($7,


I had already been all over the land, and was so excited when Pants told me she found the Lip Butters. I picked Sugar Plum to try first. I just performed in the Nutcracker, I can’t resist anything dance related. Sugar Plum is a gorgeous pinky plum color. I will say that I was skeptical about a Revlon lip product. Typically their lipsticks have a smell I just can’t get over. This is not the case with this Lip Butter. It doesn’t seem to have an odor, or at least it’s not very offensive and I don’t notice. I was also pleasantly surprised with how moisturizing the Lip Butters leave your lips. I may have been a judgy judgerson about this stuff before I even tried it, and I’m glad that my thinking was wrong.

I give the Lip Butters 4 out of 5 sparkles.


(Peach Parfait, Lollipop)

At first, I didn’t want these. Then the hype got to me. After seeing nvmakeuplover’s review and swatches, I decided that I NEEDED Lollipop, and I also got Peach Parfait because I’m a sucker for anything peach. These are definitely moisturizing and go on smoothly. I can’t say much about staying power, because I’m ALWAYS eating or drinking something or touching my mouth, so it’s not fair to go by my judgement. I will say that the staying power is acceptable to me – I don’t feel like I have to reapply every 30 minutes. The Peach Parfait is a golden peach with some shimmer to it, which makes it a great everyday color. Lollipop is a bright fuchsia. Obvi, I love me some fuchsia lipsticks. I would consider this a nice “going out” color. I really can’t think of anything I don’t like about these.

I give the Lip Butters 5 out of 5 sparkles.


Red & Pants

Poll Results – Which beauty sample service would you like a subscription to for Christmas?

19 Dec

Looks like about 83% of our voters would prefer a subscription to My Glam Bag, while 17% would like a subscription to Birchbox.

Pants here. Red is currently making some fudge, and dropping f-bombs left and right. So I’m going to take care of today’s post because that’s what conjoined twins do.

We both have subscriptions to Birchbox. Red actually got me a three-month subscription for my birthday this year, and her husband got her a one-year subscription for her birthday. December’s box was my last box and her first one.

Actually, I don’t know if it’s my last box. I don’t remember if I had to enter any payment information when I signed up. I thought when I received the last of my three, I would get an e-mail like, “Hey, continue your subscription!” but I haven’t seen anything. Also, it says if you want to update your credit card info or address, you have to call an 800-number??? I don’t know what’s going on.

Anyway, I did like my Birchbox. There are a few items that stuck out from each box:

  • October – Tea Forte Minteas in matcha chai (which are awesome!); mini Blinc mascara (I’ve had a full-size, this stuff is weird because it washes off in spiderweb-like globs)
  • November –  mini Zoya nail polish in Holly, the prettiest green nail polish EVER!
  • December – Incoco Nail Polish Appliques, which are similar to the Sally Hanson Salon Effects Nail Strips / Jouer lip gloss in Birchbox Pink, a gorgeous bright fuchsia

If you’ll notice, all my highlights are makeup items (except the mints). I’ve gotten some hair care/skin care items that I was excited to try, but I haven’t liked any of them. The hair stuff smelled weird, and the lip exfoliator tasted awful, and I can’t even remember what they were called and I can’t be bothered to go upstairs to grab them. I was also hoping to get more makeup items. It seems in the beginning they gave out some full-sized makeup items, and now they’re not giving out as much. I’ve seen a lot of people on YouTube who subscribe who have disappointed lately and are canceling,

I did sign up for My Glam Bag. I’m not sure if I’m getting the January or February bag because I kept hearing people say that January was sold out… I guess we’ll see. I’m very excited about the My Glam Bag. Like we said, there’s only been one, but it was pretty awesome. The next bag is worth $50, and if it’s all makeup again, I’ll be a very happy bunny. Honestly, I’d rather have all makeup items over skin and hair care items any day.


Red & Pants

POLL – Which beauty sample service would you like a subscription to for Christmas?

16 Dec

A lot of beauty sample services have been popping up lately. We’ve heard about Birchbox for a while now, thanks to the YouTubez, but lately we’ve also learned about a few more.

Basically what these services do is have you fill out a survey to create a beauty profile. Based on your answers, they send you samples of products to try each month for a fee. You don’t know what you’ll get each month (unless you cheat and check out videos of people opening their boxes on YouTube before you get yours.) Shipping is free for all three services.

Here’s a breakdown of each service:

Birchbox –  For $10 per month or $110 for a year, you receive a box of approximately five samples. Typical items include mini makeup items (such as lip glosses, mascaras and nail polishes), perfume samples and skin care products. Mostly, you get skin and hair care items, and maybe one makeup sample each month. You also get a “treat” each month, which sometimes could be jewelry or food. One month Pants got a spicy chocolate bar that was pretty amazing. Other highlights include a mini Zoya nail polish and a mini Benefit Porefessional.

Also, you receive points for purchasing boxes and full-size items. Points can be traded in for more items or another box.

GoGoGirlfriend – GoGoGirlfriend has two types of memberships – basic and premium. Basic membership is one box every other month for $13.98. Premium membership costs $12.99 per month, and members receive a box every month. Members are supposed to receive special discounts and reward points. They refer to their samples as being “free” because you’re paying for membership. We’re not as familiar with this service, so we’re not sure how many samples you get. Here’s a video from PunchyPink87 on her latest GoGoGirlfriend Box. She’s really honest with her reviews, and also subscribes to Birchbox so she’ll have a good comparison of the two.

My Glam Bag – My Glam Bag is $10 per month or $110 per year, and you receive a makeup bag filled with four to five full-size or deluxe-size samples. There’s only been one bag so far, but all the items were makeup related. The first month’s samples were a full-size Urban Decay eyeshadow in Sin (that’s a $17 value by itself!), a deluxe sample of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, a full-size NYX lip gloss, a sample of Tarte’s Lights, Cameras, Lashes! mascara, Mai Couture oil blotting sheets or blush papiers and a $15 off coupon for Urban Decay’s Book of Shadows Vol. III.

Which would you want?


Red & Pants

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