Poll results – Will you/did you shop Black Friday sales?

28 Nov


It looks like most of our readers saved their money on Friday – 60% of voters said they didn’t shop on Black Friday at all, while 20% said they shopped online and another 20% said they went out to shop.

Pants braved the stores with her mom:

Mama Pants actually had to work 11 p.m. on Thanksgiving until 9 a.m. on Black Friday, boooo! But I picked her up from work, and we hit the mall. We actually didn’t find much. I didn’t get any Christmas shopping done, but did get a nice birthday present for a friend! By the time we got to the mall, it wasn’t that crazy out. I know there were supposedly hundreds of people waiting outside the mall when some stores opened at midnight, but by 10 a.m., it just seemed like a busy Saturday crowd.

I DID place an Inglot order. Over the weekend, they had everything 15% off and free shipping. I got a 10-pan palette and some peach, brown, purple, blue and green eyeshadows. I’ll definitely post pictures when I get it, but that won’t be for about another month. Womp womp.

I also went into Sephora and didn’t buy anything. Crazy, right? This can only be explained by my extreme exhaustion over the week. I chose to read “The Hunger Games” series instead of sleeping most nights. Totally worth it.

Red checked out some stores with Mr. Red:

We didn’t do the midnight or 5 am shopping. We did, however, head to the mall later in the afternoon. Like Pants I too went into Sephora and didn’t buy a thing. I didn’t buy anything because I wanted to place an order so I could get my birthday gift. We didn’t find much either. It was just fun to get out after being cooped up with family for a day.

Tell us, did you find any good deals on Black Friday?



Red & Pants



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