Tried it Tuesday – Wet ‘N Wild Color Icon Trio

15 Nov

Pants here. Today I’m going to talk about a drugstore product I’ve tried recently that really surprised me.

Wet ‘N Wild Color Icon Palettes ($2.99, CVS): I remember Wet ‘N Wild from my middle school and high school makeup days. I used to love to look at and sometimes buy drugstore makeup, but I didn’t really wear it. And if I did, it wasn’t out of the house.

I don’t think I ever actually bought Wet ‘N Wild. I thought the name was silly, and that it was cheap. Well, I’ve continued to feel that way until recently as I’ve seen several beauty gurus on YouTube rave about them. And it wasn’t like people who say everything is great and perfect, it was gurus I trust, like emilynoel83 and nvmakeuplover. These two girls will tell you exactly how they feel about products.

Anyway, since I’ve been seeing them talk about Wet ‘N Wild shadows and swatch them, I’ve been wanting to try some out. I had my eye on the Color Icon Trio in Cool as a Cucumber, but when I decided to take the plunge and shell out all $3, Walmart was out of stock of that color. Luckily, Kmart had it! But Kmart also had I Dream of Greenie, and I’m a sucker for greens. I decided since they were only $3, I’d check out both.

Cool as a Cucumber, I Dream of Greenie

Let me just say, these are soooooo pigmented. They are really smooth and soft, blend well and wear great. I tried Cool as a Cucumber first, and I wore it just like the packaging suggests – light green on the brow, purple in the crease and dark green on the lid.

I feel like my eyes look weird there. Do my eyes look weird? Am I just cray cray? Bueller?

I Dream of Greenie was CRAZY bright. I wore it on a day when I thought I wasn’t going to be leaving the house (the day my thesis proposal was due, eeeeeeee!). But then I ended up getting tricked into going out, and I had both a male and female say although the color was bright, it wasn’t scary 80s bright, and the greens looked good. I did not get a picture of that look, unfortunately. Here are some swatches.

My bathroom lighting isn’t that great. I probably should have swatched these at 1 p.m. instead of 1 a.m. Whatevsies. Cool as a Cucumber is on the left – you can barely see the brow color, a very pale matte green. The middle purple isn’t matte, but not quite metallic either – perhaps a pearlized finish? The dark green is metallic.

On the right is I Dream of Greenie. The brow color is a metallic pale green, the middle is a pearly/metallic aquamarine green, and the lid color is a bright lime green with shimmer. I think the colors in this trio are definitely more pigmented than the Cool as a Cucumber trio.

I’m going to rate these palettes 5/5 sparkles. 

What do you think of Wet ‘N Wild’s products?


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