Poll Results – When you are sick and absolutely have to face the world, what makeup do you wear?

31 Oct

It seems that when most of you are sick, you say a big ol’ eff it when comes to makeup.


When I’m home sick, I usually don’t wear makeup. If I have to go somewhere, I will do a full face because I’m BSI. I already feel like balls and going out looking like balls doesn’t help my case. So the makeup makes me feel a teensy tiny bit better and that is so what I need when I’m sick.

I think my immune system has revolted against me because I’ve been sick a lot recently. In fact, I’m currently getting over a nasty cold. I find myself reaching for NARS’ blush in Orgasm and MAC’s eye shadow in Naked Lunch often because it helps me look a little less like death.


When I’m sick, I usually don’t wear any makeup, especially if I have a cold. With my nose running and my eyes watering, there’s no point, it’s going to get wiped off. I’ll also wear my glasses, which I hope will distract people from looking too closely at my face. Sometimes I might just wear a tinted moisturizer to even my skin out, but that’s rare. Maybe if I look like death, people will leave me alone!


Here’s a quick little Halloween story. Pants decided to be a t-rex for Halloween. This meant she got to pull out all of her green eyeshadows to decide on a look. So she tried out several different combinations, wiping each one off with makeup remover. When she decided on her final look and applied her liquid liner, it burned her eyelid. Soooo…. the lesson of this story is to not use eye makeup remover three times on the same eye within a short period of time and then apply liquid liner.

So here was test eye! No other makeup is on, except for the two liquid liners for my double wing. I applied Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Electric. Then next to my lashes I applied Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner in black.

And here is what my finished, burning t-rex eyes looked like! (It only burned until the liquid liner dried. Lesson learned.)

I used the following colors:

And here’s the completed t-rex!

Happy Halloween!!!


Red & Pants


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