Touchup Kits

25 Oct

Today’s post was inspired by a comment we received on the Addicted to Organization post. A reader asked what we do with makeup we carry with us for daily touchups.

We’re not big toucher-uppers. You’re not going to find us in the club putting on more blush and mascara. However, we do carry a few items with us on a daily basis.


I love me some sparkle, so I HAD to have a sparkly makeup bag to keep in my purse. This one was only $4.80 from Forever 21! And it gets bonus points for being green, my favorite color.

Inside, I carry the following items everyday:

  • Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in Cupquake – I can’t find this color online, but it’s mostly in there because it’s glittery and has an awesome name.
  • eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit ($3.29, Walgreens) – Smells awesome, works great.
  • Clinique Super Balm Lip Treatment  ($12.50, – This is some hardcore lip balm. Definitely great when it’s cold and dry out.
  • Maybelline SuperStay Concealer ($6.48, Walmart) – This is good for on the go because it has an applicator wand.
  • Goody Ouchless No Metal Gentle Elastics in brown (I can only find these in black lately, which crushes my soul)
  • Travel Band-Aids (~$1, Target) – These came in handy when I went to New York this summer and my shoes decided to destroy the backs of my ankles.
  • up&up Oil-Asorbing Sheets (~$4, Target) – These are EXACTLY like the Clean & Clear sheets, but you get 20 more in this pack, and it’s still cheaper. I’ve used these since I was in high school, and they’re great at removing shine from the face, plus much lighter than carrying a powder around.
  • Tweezerman Petite Manicure Set ($18, – I bought this mostly because I wanted a mini fingernail file in a case for my purse so it wouldn’t destroy everything. However, the cuticle and hangnail clipper is AMAZING. I get a lot of hangnails, and having this with me prevents me from chewing on them and ending up with bloody hands.

You’ll probably notice I don’t have a mirror in there. That’s because there’s a mirror in my contact lens case. Fossil makes super cute ones, but those jerk faces don’t have any on their website right now. They usually come out right before Christmas, so maybe they just haven’t been released yet?

However, there’s a bunch on eBay, and they’re cheaper on there anyway. This is nice because it has a little refillable bottle that will hold just enough contact solution to fill up the included case.


I surprisingly don’t carry much with me makeup wise. It’s more diapers, wipes, and goldfish crackers for the wee one.

Like Pants, I also carry the eos lip balm. My current flavor of choice is honeysuckle honeydew. I always carry whichever lipstick and lipgloss I used for the day with me as well.

Other suggestions:

  • Sample size items are good to keep with you – perfume samples and mini mascaras can be kept with you, and if you lose them, no biggie, they were probably free.
  • Clean out your makeup bag at least once a week – Pants found she had accumulated five extra lip products in hers, as well as a pair of earrings she forgot about.
  • Buy doubles of cheaper items that you use a lot, like lip balms. Instead of using the same one all the time, keep one in your purse and one at home so that way you’re never without. If you use the same one all the time, you might leave it at home by accident then be up the creek with chapped lips.
  • Even if you don’t wear your hair pulled back much, having a hair elastic or bobby pin in case of an emergency is always a good idea. Especially with Halloween parties this weekend, you never know when you’ll end up at a spontaneous apple bobbing contest.

Do you have any tips for touchup kits?


Red & Pants


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