Poll Results – What’s your makeup organization situation?

24 Oct

According to our voters, 100% of you say you have to dig around to find your makeup.

There’s nothing wrong with having things a little messy and having to dig around, but we’ve found as our collections grow, we forget about and lose things if they’re not in plain sight.

You don’t have to be extreme when it comes to your organization, like someone we know… But maybe keeping everything in one place will help. Here are some tips!

  • Keep your makeup in clear cases/storage units. It just makes it easier to see things.
  • Shallow drawers work best. When you start to pile, you start to lose and forget about things.
  • Get creative when it comes to finding storage tools – some people use box lips to divide up different types of makeup in one drawer. Cups/glasses make great brush holders.
  • Browse all types of organizational items. We have no idea why companies like Caboodles don’t make options for girls with big collections. It seems that their plastic vanity organizers would only hold the products we would wear on one day, not our entire collection. Look around at office supplies and kitchen stuff, as well as the storage section of a store to find something that might suit your needs.

One really helpful tip is to look at Youtube for organizational inspiration! Search for “makeup collection” or “makeup storage,” and you’ll get all kinds of ideas! Pants stumbled upon an organization guru, OrganizedLikeJen. While she has a pretty sweet makeup vanity, it was watching her other videos that inspired Pants to really reorganize her makeup.

A lot of girls use the Hayworth Lingerie Chest from Pier 1, but at $450, that’s not really a viable option for most of us. BUT that doesn’t mean you couldn’t find something similar that’s cheaper.

Here’s a multicolored drawer unit similar to what many YouTube gurus use as well. It comes in different colors, but this one was pretty fun. At $55, it’s definitely a most cost-effective option.

What tips do you have for inexpensive organization?


Red & Pants


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