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Poll Results – When you are sick and absolutely have to face the world, what makeup do you wear?

31 Oct

It seems that when most of you are sick, you say a big ol’ eff it when comes to makeup.


When I’m home sick, I usually don’t wear makeup. If I have to go somewhere, I will do a full face because I’m BSI. I already feel like balls and going out looking like balls doesn’t help my case. So the makeup makes me feel a teensy tiny bit better and that is so what I need when I’m sick.

I think my immune system has revolted against me because I’ve been sick a lot recently. In fact, I’m currently getting over a nasty cold. I find myself reaching for NARS’ blush in Orgasm and MAC’s eye shadow in Naked Lunch often because it helps me look a little less like death.


When I’m sick, I usually don’t wear any makeup, especially if I have a cold. With my nose running and my eyes watering, there’s no point, it’s going to get wiped off. I’ll also wear my glasses, which I hope will distract people from looking too closely at my face. Sometimes I might just wear a tinted moisturizer to even my skin out, but that’s rare. Maybe if I look like death, people will leave me alone!


Here’s a quick little Halloween story. Pants decided to be a t-rex for Halloween. This meant she got to pull out all of her green eyeshadows to decide on a look. So she tried out several different combinations, wiping each one off with makeup remover. When she decided on her final look and applied her liquid liner, it burned her eyelid. Soooo…. the lesson of this story is to not use eye makeup remover three times on the same eye within a short period of time and then apply liquid liner.

So here was test eye! No other makeup is on, except for the two liquid liners for my double wing. I applied Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Electric. Then next to my lashes I applied Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner in black.

And here is what my finished, burning t-rex eyes looked like! (It only burned until the liquid liner dried. Lesson learned.)

I used the following colors:

And here’s the completed t-rex!

Happy Halloween!!!


Red & Pants


POLL – When you are sick and absolutely have to face the world, what makeup do you wear?

28 Oct

We’ve had a sick Red this week, which led us to this week’s poll question – when you have to leave the house when you’re sick, do you put on your normal face of makeup, or do you not even want to fool with it?

It’s a hard decision because 1) you look like balls and 2) you feel like balls. So do you make the decision to look pretty, so people won’t know? Or do you just say forget it, I’m too tired?


Red & Pants

Touchup Kits

25 Oct

Today’s post was inspired by a comment we received on the Addicted to Organization post. A reader asked what we do with makeup we carry with us for daily touchups.

We’re not big toucher-uppers. You’re not going to find us in the club putting on more blush and mascara. However, we do carry a few items with us on a daily basis.


I love me some sparkle, so I HAD to have a sparkly makeup bag to keep in my purse. This one was only $4.80 from Forever 21! And it gets bonus points for being green, my favorite color.

Inside, I carry the following items everyday:

  • Victoria Secret Beauty Rush lip gloss in Cupquake – I can’t find this color online, but it’s mostly in there because it’s glittery and has an awesome name.
  • eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit ($3.29, Walgreens) – Smells awesome, works great.
  • Clinique Super Balm Lip Treatment  ($12.50, – This is some hardcore lip balm. Definitely great when it’s cold and dry out.
  • Maybelline SuperStay Concealer ($6.48, Walmart) – This is good for on the go because it has an applicator wand.
  • Goody Ouchless No Metal Gentle Elastics in brown (I can only find these in black lately, which crushes my soul)
  • Travel Band-Aids (~$1, Target) – These came in handy when I went to New York this summer and my shoes decided to destroy the backs of my ankles.
  • up&up Oil-Asorbing Sheets (~$4, Target) – These are EXACTLY like the Clean & Clear sheets, but you get 20 more in this pack, and it’s still cheaper. I’ve used these since I was in high school, and they’re great at removing shine from the face, plus much lighter than carrying a powder around.
  • Tweezerman Petite Manicure Set ($18, – I bought this mostly because I wanted a mini fingernail file in a case for my purse so it wouldn’t destroy everything. However, the cuticle and hangnail clipper is AMAZING. I get a lot of hangnails, and having this with me prevents me from chewing on them and ending up with bloody hands.

You’ll probably notice I don’t have a mirror in there. That’s because there’s a mirror in my contact lens case. Fossil makes super cute ones, but those jerk faces don’t have any on their website right now. They usually come out right before Christmas, so maybe they just haven’t been released yet?

However, there’s a bunch on eBay, and they’re cheaper on there anyway. This is nice because it has a little refillable bottle that will hold just enough contact solution to fill up the included case.


I surprisingly don’t carry much with me makeup wise. It’s more diapers, wipes, and goldfish crackers for the wee one.

Like Pants, I also carry the eos lip balm. My current flavor of choice is honeysuckle honeydew. I always carry whichever lipstick and lipgloss I used for the day with me as well.

Other suggestions:

  • Sample size items are good to keep with you – perfume samples and mini mascaras can be kept with you, and if you lose them, no biggie, they were probably free.
  • Clean out your makeup bag at least once a week – Pants found she had accumulated five extra lip products in hers, as well as a pair of earrings she forgot about.
  • Buy doubles of cheaper items that you use a lot, like lip balms. Instead of using the same one all the time, keep one in your purse and one at home so that way you’re never without. If you use the same one all the time, you might leave it at home by accident then be up the creek with chapped lips.
  • Even if you don’t wear your hair pulled back much, having a hair elastic or bobby pin in case of an emergency is always a good idea. Especially with Halloween parties this weekend, you never know when you’ll end up at a spontaneous apple bobbing contest.

Do you have any tips for touchup kits?


Red & Pants

Poll Results – What’s your makeup organization situation?

24 Oct

According to our voters, 100% of you say you have to dig around to find your makeup.

There’s nothing wrong with having things a little messy and having to dig around, but we’ve found as our collections grow, we forget about and lose things if they’re not in plain sight.

You don’t have to be extreme when it comes to your organization, like someone we know… But maybe keeping everything in one place will help. Here are some tips!

  • Keep your makeup in clear cases/storage units. It just makes it easier to see things.
  • Shallow drawers work best. When you start to pile, you start to lose and forget about things.
  • Get creative when it comes to finding storage tools – some people use box lips to divide up different types of makeup in one drawer. Cups/glasses make great brush holders.
  • Browse all types of organizational items. We have no idea why companies like Caboodles don’t make options for girls with big collections. It seems that their plastic vanity organizers would only hold the products we would wear on one day, not our entire collection. Look around at office supplies and kitchen stuff, as well as the storage section of a store to find something that might suit your needs.

One really helpful tip is to look at Youtube for organizational inspiration! Search for “makeup collection” or “makeup storage,” and you’ll get all kinds of ideas! Pants stumbled upon an organization guru, OrganizedLikeJen. While she has a pretty sweet makeup vanity, it was watching her other videos that inspired Pants to really reorganize her makeup.

A lot of girls use the Hayworth Lingerie Chest from Pier 1, but at $450, that’s not really a viable option for most of us. BUT that doesn’t mean you couldn’t find something similar that’s cheaper.

Here’s a multicolored drawer unit similar to what many YouTube gurus use as well. It comes in different colors, but this one was pretty fun. At $55, it’s definitely a most cost-effective option.

What tips do you have for inexpensive organization?


Red & Pants

POLL – What’s your makeup organization situation?

21 Oct

The last couple days, we showed you our makeup organization situations, so now we want to know about you. Are you moderately organized like Red, or CRAZY organized like Pants?

Look at all the compartments!

Or is your makeup just a hot mess?

I know it’s in there somewhere… Maybe?

Feel free to tell us your organization tips and suggestions!


Red & Pants

Red’s Not So Organized Organization

20 Oct

Yesterday you saw the amazing organization of Miss Pants. Am I that organized? Not so much. I’m lucky to have more than two items in a drawer. I have been saying for quite a while that I need to rearrange and go through my collection a bit, but I just haven’t had the time. One day, a gilded green baby, and a glass of wine later I think my makeup is finally re-organized. Here is a note of caution to all of you mommies out there. An 18-month-old is 100% capable of removing the lids off of pigment bottles. You have been warned.

I have a nice set of wicker drawers, but when I put my makeup in the drawers I don’t think I thought things through and put all my lipsticks in the very top drawer. You and I both already know that was probably not the smartest thing to do. So now my face and cheek products are in the top drawer. My eye makeup (shadows, primers, liners, and mascaras) are in the second drawer. The third drawer now holds all of my lipsticks, glosses, balms, and extra Sally Hansen Nail Strips. I didn’t say I was an expert at organization. The very bottom drawer holds my large palettes and some headbands.

In the clear drawers that you can see here, I put in my day to day lip products, MAC shadows, and Urban Decay shadows. I’m seriously thinking about depotting my MAC shadows.

Face Drawer:

Eyes Drawer:

Lips Drawer:

Tell us, do you have any makeup organization tips?



Addicted to organization / Makeup collection

19 Oct

Hi. My name is Pants. And I’m addicted to organization. It’s kind of a sickness. It’s gotten really bad over the last couple of weeks.

My old storage system wasn’t working any more. That update was over a year ago, and my collection has grown, but I’ve also removed some of the extra/free gift items from my makeup area and now keep them in a bag in my linen closet.

It had gotten to the point where I was never/rarely using the items in my train case. I took my items that I use everyday (tinted moisturizer, powder, mascara, eyeshadow primer) out of the train case and put them all in the top drawer of my Sterilite storage unit, along with moisturizer, brush cleaner and my brushes.

I’m definitely an out-of-sight-out-of-mind person. So because I wasn’t seeing half of my makeup, I wasn’t using it. It was a pain to get anything out of the train case because everything was stacked on top of each other. I started thinking about options. I had another three-drawer Sterilite storage unit in the top of my closet holding office supplies that I never use. I took those items out, put them into another box, and used the Sterilite storage for my makeup. And the reorganization began.

I stacked the two storage units on top of one another, but then my makeup mirror was too high to use when sitting on the floor. I needed something that same height, but not necessarily the same width. I had no luck at Target, so I ended up getting a third container like the others (you can find them at Target, even though they’re out of stock online). I DID find one slightly taller, and about half the width at Walmart, but I didn’t like it, and am using it somewhere else now.

ANYWAY, let’s get to the storage. I’ll show you an overall look, then a view of each drawer. I’ll tell you what dividers/trays I’ve used inside of them, as well as mentioning what each drawer contains. Enjoy!

My storage is on the floor, as you can see. I like to sit facing natural light when I apply my makeup, so this setup works well for me. You can see my Conair mirror on top of my newest storage addition. I like that it lights up, but it’s not the best lighting. I only use it as a last resort when it’s dark out.

On top of the other two storage units is the Tarte Starlet Makeup Vanity, my newest makeup addition purchased with a birthday gift card! The small Itso Polka Dot Tapered Fabric Bin from Target contains the following items:

  • Sigma Make Me Cool brush set
  • brush cleaner
  • wash cloth for brush cleaning
  • extra empty makeup bag
  • mini Sephora bag filled with random items, like batteries for my heated eyelash curler
  • pencil case that used to hold my brushes. (I’m still unsure about my brush storage situation)

Now let’s go inside the drawers!

This is the top drawer of the unit on the left.

These Rubbermaid drawer organizers came from Walmart. They were with the kitchen storage, more specifically silverware trays. I’m not sure how I feel about them. They just barely fit, there’s space behind them that I’m not utilizing, and they aren’t very visually appealing. Currently, the tools are divided by eyes, face then cheeks. I’m not sure it it’ll stay this way.

This drawer currently contains random items, such as my Sally Hansen nail strips (confession – when they were stored with my nail polishes, I had no idea how many I had), a mirror and the packages from my Inglot shadows so I can remember the color names. I imagine this will eventually hold larger palettes as my collection grows.

This is my back-ups drawer. I recently found those Precision Tips Q-tips, yay! Extra full-size mascaras, travel makeup removers, Clinique moisturizer, lip balms, eyelash curler and a foundation that I can’t decide if I like or not. This drawer isn’t used much, but it’s nice to have those things there in one place.

Now onto the two stacked storage units!

The tray in this is a Room Essentials 6 Compartment Drawer Organizer from Target. It was originally purchased for another drawer, but didn’t work. I was going to return it, but never got around to it. It ended up working perfectly for this drawer! (This tray can be found with the storage containers/Sterilite drawers).

The top two sections on the left contain cream shadows/liners, then the bottom section has my Urban Decay shadows and my one MAC single shadow (Jealousy Wakes, what what?!). All of the palettes in the middle, except for the bottom two, were free gifts with purchases (Mostly Lancome, some Clinique, and various others). The top right section has eyeliners and a sharpener, and the bottom section has some various smaller high end shadows. And my two Hello Kitty MAC palettes, eeeee!

Eyeshadow palette drawer number 1. I’ve got four of my Urban Decay palettes (the Deluxe Shadow and Black Palette are hiding under the Naked Palette and Rollergirl palette), some Kat Von D, Pop Beauty, Stila, Hello Kitty for Sephora, Bare Escentuals and a couple Tarina Tarantino palettes hiding in the top. If you have any questions about any of these, feel free to leave a comment!

Eyeshadow palettes drawer number 2! There’s the Urban Decay Book of Shadows Vol. III and their 15th Anniversary Palette, and three of my absolute favorites by Too Faced: Natural Eye, Naked Eye and Romantic Eye. On the right side is the Too Faced Glamour Dusts in Nude Beam and Glampire. LOVES! My first and only Inglot palette is in there, as well as the Too Faced Sephora 500-point gift from a few months ago. Don’t worry, I still have plenty of room for the Too Faced Matte Eye palette and more Inglot. 🙂

Lip drawer! I didn’t think I had many lip products, but now that they’re all together, it feels like a ton. It’s easier to find what I need with them all in one place and organized. I’ve use two of the Room Essentials 3-compartment drawer organizer from Target, found in the same section as the previous organizer. The top of the drawer has a couple lip palettes, one by Sephora and one by Clinique, and some various lip stains by Stila. The middle tray is all glosses divided by color: light, clear and gold in the left, pink in the middle, and reds and berries in the right. The bottom tray contains my SoftLips collection – I used to love SoftLips but we’re broken up because they started to dry my lips out. This is what happens when they sell two different flavors in a two-pack… Hoarding. Middle section is free gift with purchase lipsticks, mostly Lancome, some Clinique, and some Estee Lauder. The section on the right contains my MAC lip glosses and a few lipsticks that I’ve bought.

Cheeks and samples drawer. The top left corner has most of my blushes, highlighters and bronzers. To the right of that is a bunch of larger samples. In the Sephora zippered bag are all my fragrance samples. I’ve got another one of those Room Essentials three-compartment organizers on the bottom. In the left section is travel-size samples, the middle is all sample mascaras, and the right section contains small one-time use samples.

Everyday items! Inside this is the Itso Divided Tray from Target. It’s almost too big to fit in here. This can be found with all the other Itso organization stuff – the boxes/shelves – the really colorful storage things. I tried to keep items I use almost everyday in this drawer. It’s also the bottom drawer because I keep it open the entire time I’m applying my makeup. In this I have Q-tips, makeup remover sticks, Benefit concealer kit, mascaras and primers, foundations, tinted moisturizer, eyebrow pencils and kit, setting powders and my FAVORITE blushes. I’ve got my three Tarte Amazonian Clay blushes and highlighter that I use most days in this drawer, as well as my Benefit SugarBomb blush. The bottom right section contains items I use every. single. day. Including my hair clip to pin back my bangs.

I realize this was a lot of information and pictures, and I appreciate it if you’ve read this far. I’m really nerdy about organization, and it makes me happy to be able to SEE all my stuff and know that everything has its place. I’m still trying to decide what to do with my brushes… I think just getting a different divider/tray might make a huge difference.

If you have any questions about anything in here, or any suggestions, please comment below!



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