Truly Outrageous!

27 Sep

One of our bestest friends, Shanny the What, recently posted on Facebook about how the hair salon she goes to was doing pink extensions, and she got one done and it only took five minutes.

We were intrigued. We looked at her salon’s Facebook page to see if there were any photos, and luckily for us, there was! And even better, the extensions are HOT PINK!

Lauran Kirk Hair Artistry, located at 1003 Northpointe Plaza in Morgantown, W.Va., is charging $10 per extension, and all proceeds go to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The salon will be doing them until the end of October.

Of course, we needed some pink hair in our lives. Pants has always wanted pink hair, mostly because she’s wanted to be Jem her entire life. (She’s been known to talk to her earrings, but nothing ever happens. And she says, “Show’s over, Synergy,” when she turns off her computer. It’s adorable/creepy.)

Here we are with our pink hair!

If you’ve been considering pink hair, now is the perfect time to do it because you would be helping a good cause.


Red & Pants


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