POLL – Do you ever have to put yourself on a “no buy makeup” break?

23 Sep

Makeup can be addicting. Not just using it, but buying it. And we’ve found that when we try to stay away from Sephora and Ulta, we find ourselves lingering around the cosmetics aisles at Target and CVS.

Red found this interesting article about how during times of recession, lipstick sales used to go up because it was an inexpensive luxury. Now nail polish is filling that hole, and sales have gone up since 2008. (You can the article Red found at BeautyHigh.com, and here’s the original Times.com article, “What Lipstick Tells Us About the Economy.”)

We can’t argue with that. Our nail polish collections have definitely grown a lot the last year.

That money can add up though, and sometimes people feel like they need to cut themselves off to save money.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you feel like you have too much and need to use what you have before buying more? A lot of girls on the Beauty Broadcast Facebook page talk about “10 Pan Projects.” Basically, they won’t buy any new makeup until they hit pan on and finish 10 products.

We’re not sure we could do a 10 Pan, but we might be able to take a little break now and then. What about you?


Red & Pants

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