Jerseylicious, and the NYX debate

21 Sep

You all know we love “Jerseylicious.” Those girls are cray-cray. We also used to love NYX, until the NYX 12th Anniversary Sale crushed our souls a few months ago.

Well, on Sunday night’s episode, “Friends with Benefits?,” Olivia decides she wants to film a makeup tutorial for the NYX website. OK, that’s fine. Makeup tutorials are fun, and it makes sense that she’d want to do it. EXCEPT, then she has a WHOLE TABLE of NYX products, including their Haute Jersey palette, which is advertised during their show. Hmm… fishy…

Before this episode, we never saw Olivia use anything but MAC.

In this article, Olivia mentions some of her favorite products… many of which are MAC, but no NYX.

It’s a little sketchy, guys.

Tell us, what do you think?


Red & Pants

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