Too Faced Glitter Glue

15 Sep

We love glitter, and so of course we loved glitter glue when we were growing up. What else would we use to make our coloring book unicorns look even more magical!?

But now we’ve finally got our grubby little hands on Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue.

This stuff is amazing. It’s like a stickier version of other eyeshadow primers we’ve tried. We both decided we needed some glitter magic on our eyes for Pants’ birthday celebration.

We both ordered the Glitter Glue and Too Faced’s Glamour Dust from Ulta. Which, by the way, Ulta totally crushed Pants’ soul. She placed her order on Labor Day, and did not receive her package until the following Monday. Luckily, Red opted for quicker shipping and received her package before the birthday celebration.

Anyway, we both ordered Nude Beam, and both wore it for Pants’ Day.

This photo is pretty true to color – it’s a nude glitter. It looked great with both of our eye looks.

Pants wore a brown smokey eye with blacked winged liner, topped with Nude Beam.

Red wore a purple smokey eye , black liner, and topped it off with Nude Beam.

Here’s how good the Glitter Glue is – first off – no fallout all over our cheeks. There may have been a stray piece of glitter here and there, but we weren’t drowning in it like we were attacked by fairies.

Also, Pants was too lazy to wash off her makeup before passing out on Red’s couch for the night. When she woke up the next morning, her eyes were still glittery, like she had just done her makeup. And Pants is a drooler, and an eye water-er and and sleeper on the facer. Basically, she’s all over the place, and the glitter stayed put!

Pants also ordered the Glamour Dust in Glampire.

She wanted it after seeing MakeupByTiffanyD‘s Glitttery Fall Makeup Tutorial:

Isn’t that a pretty look!? It would have been perfect for a 21st birthday party… Anyway, Glampire is such a pretty glitter! It’s mostly brown with a hint of blue and green.

These jars of glitter are pretty substantial, and a little goes a long way. Yes, they’re $18 each, but they’ll probably last your whole life, as well as your daughters’ and granddaughters’ lives.

Tell us, have you found any fun glitter items recently?



Red & Pants


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