Poll Results – Do you have a signature lip color?

7 Sep

It looks like that our readers like to wear the same color everyday. There is something reassuring and fun about having your own signature color.  Here are our favs:

Red: I have three lip colors that I have been rotating through a lot lately. I can’t pinpoint one as my signature color, but these three are definitely my favorites right now.

MAC Lipstick in Angel ($14.50, Maccosmetics.com): This lipstick is an amazing nude pink color. It’s perfect for the day to day wear. 

MAC Lipglass in Nymphette ($14.50, Maccosmetics.com): This gloss is an amazing pink color. It adds a nice tone and sheen to your lips without looking too made up. 

NP Set Lipstick in Denver ($15, Amazon.com): This is an amazing nude color. It has a nice sheen to it and actually stays put. 

Pants: I don’t have a signature color. I typically wear a lip balm or clear lipgloss. Every now and then, I might stick to a color for a while, but not enough to be a signature color. Here are a couple that I rotate through:

Too Faced Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk ($19, TooFaced.com): This is described as a mauve shimmer, and it a great natural looking gloss, with just a hint of sparkle. I love how this looks, but what makes it stand out is the cooling effect it has, as well as the great smell – it’s almost mint chocolate chip, but maybe just minty.

Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Mega Melon ($15, Clinique.com): While the name of this product makes me giggle, I really like it. The color is a really pretty melon shade, and doesn’t have any weird scents or smells. It’s also very moisturizing – you don’t feel like you have lipstick caked on. It seems to last a pretty long time too.

Tell us, what are your signature lip colors?


Red & Pants 


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