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POLL – Which Halloween nail collection do you like best?

30 Sep

We’ve been searching the aisles of our local drugstores, Walmarts and Sally’s Beauty Supply stores to find some Halloween nail collections. It’s the only time of year you can find glow in the dark polish! And we NEED it. Here’s a look at some collections we hope to find in stores.

China Glaze HAUNTING

  • Haunting: Shadowy black with shimmering silver glitter
  • Crimson: Deep purple crème with a hint of blood red
  • Near Dark: Rich mossy green crème
  • It’s Alive: Vibrant green glitter
  • Ghoulish Glow: Glow-in-the-Dark top coat
  • Black Mesh: Crackle Glaze top coat for a cobweb-like crackle effect

OPI Spookettes

  • He’s My Boo: orange
  • Mummy Knows Best: white
  • I Only Date Werewolves: black
  • Zom-Body To Love: green glow in the dark

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

  • Numbskull: Skulls and crossbones
  • Wishnets: Red fishnets
  • Ghoulie Girl: Orange and white ghosts on a black background
  • Spun For You: Black spiderweb
  • Hot Wired: Neon green with black barbed wire
Which is your favorite?


Red & Pants

Truly Outrageous!

27 Sep

One of our bestest friends, Shanny the What, recently posted on Facebook about how the hair salon she goes to was doing pink extensions, and she got one done and it only took five minutes.

We were intrigued. We looked at her salon’s Facebook page to see if there were any photos, and luckily for us, there was! And even better, the extensions are HOT PINK!

Lauran Kirk Hair Artistry, located at 1003 Northpointe Plaza in Morgantown, W.Va., is charging $10 per extension, and all proceeds go to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The salon will be doing them until the end of October.

Of course, we needed some pink hair in our lives. Pants has always wanted pink hair, mostly because she’s wanted to be Jem her entire life. (She’s been known to talk to her earrings, but nothing ever happens. And she says, “Show’s over, Synergy,” when she turns off her computer. It’s adorable/creepy.)

Here we are with our pink hair!

If you’ve been considering pink hair, now is the perfect time to do it because you would be helping a good cause.


Red & Pants

Poll Results – Do you ever have to put yourself on a “no buy makeup” break?

26 Sep

It looks like 100% of our voters have had to put themselves on no makeup buy breaks.

First of all, that’s no fun. But sometimes you gotta do it.

And sometimes we find ourselves saying we’re not going to buy any makeup, then end up with a bunch of drugstore makeup, or 500 new hair/bath products.

Hair and bath products don’t count as makeup, so we’ll allow it.

Personally, we don’t think we could do a Project 10 Pan. But we’re found some lovely ladies on YouTube who have, and maybe this will be an inspiration!

 – Project 10 Pan Items (She explains how it works – this is her before video)

And here’s her Completed Project 10 Pan

PunchyPink87 – “P10P/No Buy Finale!”

Think you could do it?


Red & Pants

POLL – Do you ever have to put yourself on a “no buy makeup” break?

23 Sep

Makeup can be addicting. Not just using it, but buying it. And we’ve found that when we try to stay away from Sephora and Ulta, we find ourselves lingering around the cosmetics aisles at Target and CVS.

Red found this interesting article about how during times of recession, lipstick sales used to go up because it was an inexpensive luxury. Now nail polish is filling that hole, and sales have gone up since 2008. (You can the article Red found at, and here’s the original article, “What Lipstick Tells Us About the Economy.”)

We can’t argue with that. Our nail polish collections have definitely grown a lot the last year.

That money can add up though, and sometimes people feel like they need to cut themselves off to save money.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you feel like you have too much and need to use what you have before buying more? A lot of girls on the Beauty Broadcast Facebook page talk about “10 Pan Projects.” Basically, they won’t buy any new makeup until they hit pan on and finish 10 products.

We’re not sure we could do a 10 Pan, but we might be able to take a little break now and then. What about you?


Red & Pants

New Tarte Palettes

22 Sep

We have been keeping our eyes peeled for several new collections that should be released very soon. This time of year always makes way to fall and holiday collections. Recently we discovered these pretties and cannot wait to get our grubby little hands on them.

Tarte’s Starlet Limited-Edition Makeup Vanity Vanity ($52, – This amazing set is gorgeous with its mirrored panels, mix of matte and shimmery shadows, bronzer, Amazonian clay blushes, lash primer and even a mascara. For everything you get the price seems so fair. This is actually valued at $505. We have been drooling over this ever since we discovered it.

Tarte’s Rising Star Palette ($29, –  This little set has a great assortment of matte and shimmery shadows. It comes with two Amazonian clay blushes and even a bronzer. We happen to think this would be a great palette to travel with.  Red is definitely asking the Santa Fairy for this!

Lip Service LipSurgence Collection ($29, – Tarte has pretty incredible lip products. Their LipSurgence pencils are AH-mazing so it is totally fab that you can get a whole set of  them. The mix of shimmery shades and tints are a perfect combination.

Tell us, have any new collections caught your eye as of late?


Red & Pants

Jerseylicious, and the NYX debate

21 Sep

You all know we love “Jerseylicious.” Those girls are cray-cray. We also used to love NYX, until the NYX 12th Anniversary Sale crushed our souls a few months ago.

Well, on Sunday night’s episode, “Friends with Benefits?,” Olivia decides she wants to film a makeup tutorial for the NYX website. OK, that’s fine. Makeup tutorials are fun, and it makes sense that she’d want to do it. EXCEPT, then she has a WHOLE TABLE of NYX products, including their Haute Jersey palette, which is advertised during their show. Hmm… fishy…

Before this episode, we never saw Olivia use anything but MAC.

In this article, Olivia mentions some of her favorite products… many of which are MAC, but no NYX.

It’s a little sketchy, guys.

Tell us, what do you think?


Red & Pants

Poll Results – Would you buy a makeup collection if a male was featured in the campaign?

20 Sep

We are so excited to find out that our readers would buy a makeup collection if a male was featured in the campaign. Regardless of who is representing the campaign, what it really comes down to is the makeup. We are still dying to see a peak of MAC’s Glitter and Ice collection. Did you see that word right there? That’s right, Glitter! Glitter makes us so happy!

Here is a preview from Johnny Weir’s website of the campaign!

Are you as excited as we are?!


Red & Pants

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