Favorite Smells: The Pants Edition

11 Aug

Lately, I’ve really gotten into finding new fragrances. It’s difficult to find one you like – with perfumes, sometimes they smell like old ladies and sometimes they all start to smell the same. I’m a big fan of fruity smells, and not really big on floral scents. Actually, I kinda like anything that smells like food – sugar cookies, vanilla, cupcakes, fruit. You can’t eat a flower. Or sandalwood. Yuckies.

Here are my top three favorite fruity fragrances.

Escada – Taj Sunset ($20 – $72, Sephora)

Sweet baby jeebus, this stuff smells amazeballs. The first time I smelled it, I wasn’t too excited about it. Then the second time, I couldn’t stop smelling it over and over. At Sephora, they have the sample perfumes on display and then the little paper sticks where you can spray them to test it out. The whole time I was in the store, I kept smelling it over, and over, and over, and over like a freaking maniac. I would be looking at the Urban Decay stuff, then notice I had the paper under my nose again. It has a hint of orange, but not like cleaning supplies. It’s a sweet fruity smell.

Sephora describes it as opening “with a burst of citrusy blood orange and the exotic, fruity aroma of the Alphonso mango—the first fragrance to capture this unique note. Next, floral and fruity heart notes emerge, including watery blossom, sweet primrose, and raspberry. The scent lingers on a sexy, beach-inspired base of coconut cream, musky notes, and sandalwood. ” The only downside to this is it’s a limited edition scent. Making scents limited edition is so cruel. (I’m looking at you, Escada! Make this permanent!)

Harauju Lovers G ($19 – $30, Amazon)

Oh man, this is another one where I just couldn’t stop smelling the sample. The original G has a great coconut scent with hints of other fruits. The downside to this one is that it’s so small. You’re really paying for a collector’s bottle, BUT you can find cheaper versions in the tester bottle version that’s not as cute, but bigger. Also, what I don’t get about the Harajuku Lovers collection is that they come in different styles – for example, Sephora has them in the Wicked Style right now, but it’s not the same scent? Does anyone understand how this works?

Katy Perry Purr ($36, Ulta)

This scent is harder to describe – it’s fruity, but I can’t pinpoint what fruit it is. On Ulta’s website, it’s described as starting with “the aroma of peach nectar and forbidden apple, evolves with a distinct floral bouquet of jasmine blossom, Bulgarian rose, and vanilla orchid, and slowly reveals accents of creamy sandalwood and musk.” There’s nothing musky about this. When I see musk, I think manly, overpowering smells. This is light and fruity. I got the gift set with shower gel, lotion and the perfume, and when I use all three, the scent lasts all day.

Perfumes are really hard to describe when the other person can’t smell them. I’ve read about these and heard YouTube beauty gurus talk about all three of these fragrances, which led me to try them out. So if you like fruity perfumes, I suggest you try these three out sometime.

What fruity fragrances are you all loving?


Red & Pants


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