Poll Results – Do you wear the same color of nail polish on your fingers and toes?

8 Aug

Friday we asked our readers if they like to match the nail polish on their fingers and toes, and 67% voted no, and 33% voted sometimes.

We G&S girls feel that you don’t need to match your fingers and toes. Maybe you work at a place where bright and glittery polish isn’t appropriate? Then put that color on your toes, and keep a more subtle color on your nails.

Obviously, we’ve been loving Essie lately, so here are a few fun summer colors that you should try before summer ends!

Mint Candy Apple – This was originally from the Winter 2009 collection, but it’s been rereleased as a Target exclusive, along with a few other fun colors. This one really stuck out to us. It’s similar to Absolutely Shore – Absolutely Shore is closer to white, while Mint Candy Apple is more green.

Braziliant – This is from the summer collection, and is a pretty bright orange with a hint of pink shimmer.

Super Bossa Nova – This is one of those colors that looks gorgeous in the bottle, but you’re kinda like ehhh… I don’t know if I’d wear that. Well, Pants is currently wearing it as her accent nail color with Braziliant on the other nails and LOVES IT. She will definitely be wearing it again, probably even on all her nails, despite not being a pink nail polish type of girl.

What colors are you trying to sneak in before summer ends?


Red & Pants


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