Poll Results – Do you go to the makeup counter knowing what you want or looking for suggestions?

1 Aug

Looks like 100% of our voters this week want help when going to the makeup counter. And by 100%, we mean our one voter. Hmm…. Maybe that wasn’t a very good question?

Anyway, we’ve have some good and bad experiences with customer service related to makeup.

Red has had a lot of bad service at Sally’s Beauty Supply. She heard a girl who worked there suggest a costumer buy a lip liner darker than her lipstick. Red gasped and said, “NO!” There was also a time when she asked if the store would be getting a new China Glaze collection, and the employee very rudely told her that just because they carry the brand, it doesn’t mean that they’ll get everything they come out with. The store got the collection two days later.

Sometimes at department stores we’ve had luck with the sales associates who are really educated about makeup and know a lot about their products. Unfortunately, they’re only trained in how to sell the product, and not how to use them.

MAC counters and Sephora are really great when you need help. Even if you don’t want to pay those prices, they can give you suggestions, then you can find less expensive alternatives that are similar!

OR you can ask your makeup loving friends. Or us. Seriously, if you have any questions or want recommendations, let us know! We love us some makeup and love helping people find products they love.


Red & Pants


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