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August Favies

31 Aug

It’s that time again! Here are our favorites for the month of August.


Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof and Tearproof Eyeliner in Perfect Storm ($18, – I don’t agree that this is tear proof. It should hold up for “wedding tears” or “mild allergy tears.” “Severe allergy tears” or “got in a car wreck tears,” and this stuff will be gone. However, I still love this liner. On most days, I shouldn’t have to worry about it coming off, and it doesn’t. I wanted a dark gray liner to go with one of the looks from the Too Faced Naked Eye Collection. This is dark gray, with some glitter. It’s perfect for everyday.

Benefit Sugarbomb ($28, – I’ve had this blush for a while, but I kind of rediscovered it this month. I just love the peachy pink glow it gives my cheeks.

Escada Taj Sunset To Go ($20, – I JUST bought this the first week in August, and I’ve already almost used half of it. LOVE it. It has a citrusy smell, but not like kitchen cleaner citrus, like delicious citrus mixed drinks. I just discovered today that Macy’s also carries this fragrance in a shower gel AND lotion. I’m definitely going to have to make a trip there this weekend.


Naked Palette ($48, – I hadn’t used this palette in quite a while and recently picked it up again. I don’t think I have put it down since rediscovering it. I’ve been having fun creating a different look every day with this palette.

Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and Balm in Mystical  ($8, – Pants told me about this lipstain and of course I had to try it out. I’ve been having fun using it during the day for a pretty nude look.

MAC Lipstick in Angel ($14.50, – This lipstick has been highly raved about in the YouTube community. I’ve had my eye on it for a while, and finally purchased it. It is the most amazing pink ever. EVER. It’s perfectly acceptable to wear during the day, but I have been loving it for a nighttime lip.

Tell us, what are your favies for this month?


Red & Pants

Makeup Commandments

30 Aug

We both were watching nvmakeuplover‘s Gypsy Nights tutorial this week, and thought it was hilarious when Nicole said to not forget to put mascara on your bottom lashes, or you’ll go to makeup hell. We then started texting each other offenses that would land people in makeup hell. We thought we would share some of them.

  • Thou shalt not abuse thy bronzer
  • Thou shalt not wear black lipliner
  • Thou shalt not let lipstick get on teeth
  • Thou shalt not wear lipstick lighter than thy skintone
  • Thou shalt not wear thick black eyeliner without mascara
  • Thou shalt not pluck off all thy’s eyebrows and draw them back on pencil thin
  • Thou shalt not tattoo makeup on
  • Thou shalt not wear single streaks of blush
Tell us, what are your makeup commandments?
Red & Pants

Poll Results – Would you spend $75 on one blush?

29 Aug

Well, 100 percent of voters (and by that, we mean one voter) said that they would NOT spend $75 on one blush. We agree. No matter how amazeballs a blush is, we don’t think we could pay $75 for one even if it could be used for eyes too.

Here’s what we’d rather spend $75 on:

1 – 75 e.l.f. eyelash curlers

2 – Three Nars blushes (Orgasm, Angelika and Albatross would be our choices)

3 – A 10-pan Inglot Freedom System palette and 10 shadows (Which actually comes out to $60, so instead we could just buy 15 eyeshadows!)

4 – Shoes! Dresses!  This Industry High Party Heel  and Fitted Panel Dress make a perfect going out ensemble for a little over $65. There is enough left over for a fun pair of earrings!

5 – An evening with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Wait, what?

How would you rather spend $75?


Red & Pants

POLL – Would you spend $75 on one blush?

26 Aug

Yesterday Temptalia posted a review of this gorgeous product from Chanel – Ombres Tissees.

It says the product is for eyes and cheeks, but the colors make it seem more like a blush to us. While it looks sooooo pretty in the photo, we don’t think we could justify the $75 price tag. What about you guys?


Red & Pants

Back To School

25 Aug

It’s back to school time here in Morgantown. The population has doubled, and traffic is redonk. Needless to say, we’re usually not too excited when school starts back up. Except this year Pants is going back to school, and kinda super duper pumped about learning, and writing, and making journalism magic again!

In honor of Pants’ triumphant return to graduate school, we’ve decided to do an affordable back to school makeup essentials list!

  • Brushes: Brushes can be an expensive expensive purchase. Especially when you are purchasing more than one brush at a time. This Stila Four-Piece Brush Set is a perfect when you are just building your makeup collection.  It comes with a mix of eye and face brushes. This little set costs about $18 at Stila’s webiste.
  • Lip balm: We love eos lip balm Smooth Spheres, and they come in a variety of flavors and formulas. If you’ll be walking to class, get the Lemon Drop because it contains SPF 15. Also, the shape of these make them easier to find when feeling through your bag. These cost around $3.50, and we found Lemon Drop at our local Rite Aid.
  • Foundation: If you’re going to splurge on one product, it should be your foundation. Getting the wrong formula can make you look orange or break you out. We’ve gotten spoiled with our tinted moisturizers, but we’ve heard a lot of good things from other YouTube beauty girls about L’Oreal Studio Secret Magic Smooth Souffle ($13.99, Target).
  • Blush: Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Blush is perfect for those mornings when you are struggling to wake up and get ready for class. How could you not smile when you see this blush with the adorable hearts. We have found this blush at target for around $13.

Tell us, do you have any back to school must haves?


Red & Pants

Recent Drug Store Finds

23 Aug

Recently we went late night drug store hopping. Yes, some people go bar hopping on Friday nights, but we go drug store hopping. I believe we went to CVS, then Kmart, tried Rite Aid (which was closed), then another CVS (which was also closed), then on to Walgreens, and the giant Kroger. It was good times.

Milani Eye Tech Liquid Liner in Black ($7.99, Milani):  This liner has a tip that is almost like a marker. It actually reminds us of a certain eye marker by a brand that shall not be named. It’s extremely easy to use, which is the main reason we love it. Hello winged liner! The color of this liner is an intense black, perfect for those winged eyes.

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain ($7.99, Target): Pants purchased one of these stains in XXXX and immediately told Red about it. So of course Red had to try this out and purchased the color Mystical. These stains are absolutely amazing. They come with a lip balm on one end and the stain on the other.  We were surprised with how moisturizing the balm actually is. The balm allows for a smooth and flawless application of the stain. The stain last along time, but no worries about it lasting weeks. We found that it was completely gone by the next day.

(image from

Maybelline Shine Sensational Pop Sticks (~$7, Rite Aid)

These were so hard to find. Pants heard about them from emilynoel83’s blog, and began an extensive search of all the drug stores and Krogers in Morgantown. Finally, she found them at Rite Aid in Westover, where we seem to find most hard to find drug store beauty items. These are fun because the lipstick is see-through, and gives the look of popsicle stained lips, but is not a lip stain. Pants got Fruit Punch, which smells delicious, but tastes yucky.

What drugstore gems have you found recently?


Red & Pants

Poll Results – Would you wear five mascaras?

22 Aug

We asked our readers if they would wear five mascaras and the consensus is no. We highly agree. We rarely have time to put on one mascara, let alone five mascaras.

There are so many types of mascaras out there. They can lengthen, add volume, separate and make magic happen.  Here are some mascaras that we have been loving as of late.

L’Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes ($7, Target): This mascara does just as the name says. It makes you look like you have a million full lashes.  The wand itself is a magic tool.  This mascara is an excellent choice if you are doing a glamorous evening look.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto  Ultimate Length Mascara ($7, Target): This mascara is perfect for making your lashes look like they are a million miles long. This was Red’s choice all summer long.  The wand of the mascara really helps provide amazing coverage and some really lengthens your lashes.

L’Oreal Telescopic Carbon Black ($8, Target): This mascara is the absolute perfect choice for the separation and definition of your lashes.  It can really make them stand out, which is of course, what we hope you are striving for.

Tell us, what is your absolute favorite mascara?


Red & Pants

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