Poll Results – Do you wear more or less makeup when it’s hot as balls outside?

25 Jul

We asked our lovely readers if they wear more or less makeup when it is hot as balls outside. The consensus seems to be that the amount doesn’t seem to change when the weather gets warm. Red feels the same way, while Pants tends to go with less in warm weather.

If you want to keep your makeup looking fresh in this weather, think about using a makeup setting spray. Here are  low-end and high-end options that we’ve tried.

Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Makeup Setting Spray ($29, urbandecay.com)

We’ve both tried this spray, which is good to apply before leaving the house or during the middle of the day to freshen up your makeup. We know that $29 is a little pricey, but Ulta carries a mini version for $9 if you wanna give it a try before committing.

elf Makeup Mist & Spray ($3, Target)

We tried this a couple weeks ago when we did makeup for a friend’s wedding. The spray is a little forceful, and terrified the bridesmaids and bride who weren’t expecting it. But we started doing makeup at 9 a.m., and when we left around 6 p.m., they were still looking great!

Also, don’t forget to use primers! They really do make a difference!


Red & Pants


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