Poll Results – What do you think of the Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Collection?

18 Jul

Well, well, well… Looks like not everyone is excited about the Urban Decay 15-Year Anniversary Palette as us. According to our poll, 75% of you said no thank you. No thank you?! But… but it’s so pretty! And the colors are wearable! And they’re all new! Oh well, to each their own.

Here are some other palettes that may tickle your fancy:

Allure Beauty Editor Palette by Sephora, ($34, Sephora.com)

This is a five in one palette. You can leave them all together, or take the one you used that day with you. You’ve got some neutrals and some bold colors mixed throughout these sets. If you’re not sure how to wear them, check out Sephora’s YouTube channel – they have a tutorial for each of the five palettes.

e.l.f. 100pc Eyeshadow Palette, ($10, Target)

One-hundred different eyeshadows for $10? You can’t beat that! Add in the fact that you can find it at your local Target! This palette is part of e.l.f.’s back-to-school collection, you if you want it, you better pick it up soon, because they might not last. If you’re on the fence, check out EmilyNoel83’s review of the palette. We love us some e.l.f. brushes, and tried out the eyeshadow primer and makeup setting spray at a wedding a few weeks ago. Inexpensive doesn’t mean the products don’t work well!

Sigma Flare Palette ($35, Sigmabeauty.com)

Sigma recently released the Flare palette along with the Dare and Bare palette’s. All of the palettes are pretty, but the Flare palette has a great combination of brighter colors along with neutral colors.

Tell us, what new palette’s do you have your eye on?


Red & Pants

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