Poll Results – Would you rather have a man or woman help you with makeup?

28 Jun

Friday we asked our readers if they’d rather have a man or woman help them with makeup, and it looks like a whopping 75% say they have no preference.

We heart boys who heart makeup. We just heard today that ice skater Johnny Weir will be the face of MAC’s holiday collection, Glitter and Ice. We’ve been fans of Johnny for a while, and of course we love MAC, so we’re super duper excited about this!

There are also some very talented fellas on YouTube that are quite popular.

Wayne Goss is based out of the UK, and does some to-the-point reviews and tutorials. He’s not bad on the eyes either, right ladies? Eh? Eh? Here’s his tutorial for guyliner.

Koren, of EnKore Makeup, is probably the most popular male beauty guru. He even has his own line of Crown Brushes. A lot of his most popular videos are DIY – depotting eyeshadows, making your own makeup remover and how to clean brushes. Here’s one of his most recent videos on an 40-pan Inglot palette, yay!

Have any male makeup artists who you love?


Red & Pants


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