Coming Up Roses

22 Jun

Nail art and accent nails seem to be growing more and more popular with each passing day.  We Glimmer Shimmer gals have been eyeing pretty designs, as well as trying our own out. Creating your own nail art is super easy!

Recently, Red watched this video:

How could you not fall in love with the adorable little roses. Red decided to give it a try  as an accent nail.  In the video, they used the Migi Nail Art Pens. You do not have to have these. If you have a red, pink and green nail polish, you can use a toothpick or an unbent bobby pin as your painting tools.  Red used the It’s So Easy Stripe Rite polishes that you can get from Sally’s Beauty Supply. Her base color is Essie’s Lilacism.

We’re obviously obsessed with nails lately. Know any good nail tutorials that you’d like to share?


Red & Pants


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