Nail Art

7 Jun

We’ve been noticing more and more nail artistic looking nails lately. Anything from people wearing brighter colors, to painting ring fingers a different color and even putting mini stars and fruit on nails.

We’re a big fan of this. You can’t always go crazy with your makeup, but you can always have some fun colors on your nails.

Here’s a couple examples:

Nail Art Accent – Pants painted her nails with Chinchilly by Essie, and then placed black hologram stars (Nail Art Sprinkles by Art Club from Sally Beauty Supply, ~$4) on her ring fingers. The Nail Art Sprinkles also come in hearts, fruit shapes, metallic threads and flowers, among other things.

Glittery Ring Finger Accent – Pants used Essie Absolutely Shore on all her nails, the accented her ring fingers by adding the glittery Just A Fairytail by OPI For Sephora (a silver shimmer with some blue glitter).

Do you do any crazy things with your nails?


Red  & Pants


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