Poll Results – Which ‘Real Housewives’ have the best makeup?

23 May

Poll results are in! The winner of this week’s poll is the ‘Real Housewives Beverly Hills.’ Those ladies really do have fabulous makeup. We wonder if any of them do their own makeup?

In the first season, we saw Camille do her own makeup at least once, when she was sharing her NARS Orgasm blush. We saw Kyle having hers done several times. Kim apparently wasn’t too into makeup, and there was an episode where she had someone do her hair and makeup for her. Taylor tended to look crazy with her balloon lips, and probably went through a tube of lip gloss a day on those things. Adrienne’s makeup always looked pretty good too, but we were too distracted by the gold tinsel in her hair. Last, but not least is Lisa, who always looks fab and can do no wrong. Whoever does her makeup does a great job.


Red & Pants

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