Poll Results – Would you/did you do your own makeup for your wedding?

16 May

Wowza guys, three votes this week! Whew, we don’t know how WorddPress handled all that traffic over the weekend.

Anyway, on Friday we asked “would you/did you do your own makeup for your wedding?” It ended in a three way tie between doing it yourself, having a friend do it and hiring someone to do it.

It’s no surprise that Red did her own makeup for her wedding, and Pants would of course do her own (elopement!).


Speaking of server traffic, NYX had some issues yesterday and today. Sunday was their 12th anniversary sale where almost everything was $1.20. However, there were issues with the website, and people had problems getting pages to load, getting items into their cart and checking out. You would have thought the company murdered someone if you’ve been looking at their Facebook page. The women posting comments have obviously either never worked retail or don’t know how websites run. While we were bummed and did try over and over and over, we know it wasn’t necessary to say mean things to the company or threaten a boycott. You know what? Go ahead and boycott them, that means more stuff for the rest of us!

Recently NYX did two giveaways – one where you had to find Easter eggs on their site and another where you had to spot NYX on an episode of “The Real World.” Both of us were able to find these things and get free stuff. If a company is willing to give away free products, surely they weren’t fooling people with this sale. That’s just riduculous. If you were unable to purchase anything, check with NYX’s Facebook page – they give you instructions on how to email them in order to get a coupon code for 50% off and free shipping that is supposed to last throughout the week.

We still love you NYX! We’re sorry about all the jerk faces on Facebook that hide behind their computers saying you wasted their time when they were the ones who chose to spend their time that way.

Were you able to get anything from the super duper mega sale?


Red & Pants


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