Brand Favorites: NYX

10 May

We learned about NYX because so many YouTube beauty gurus use and love the products. Unfortunately, there is no place in Morgantown that carries the brand. One reason NYX is so popular is that the products are priced reasonably, and are really good quality.

Today we are featuring NYX because the company is having its 12th anniversary sale for 12 hours this weekend where “all your favorite NYX products” will be just $1.20 each!

The sale will be at on Sunday, May 15, 2011 from noon to midnight PST.

Another reason we love NYX is that they have giveaways all the time. On Easter weekend, if you found hidden Easter eggs on the site and emailed them where you found them, they sent you a free prize! We both received an eyeshadow trio and a Black Label lipstick.

The next week, if you emailed them where you spotted NYX on MTV’s “The Real World,” they mailed out prizes too! We each got a single eyeshadow and a Tinted Lip Spa.

Here’s what Pants won:

(Trio eyeshadow in Hippie-Chic, Black Label lipstick in Twinkle Star, single eyeshadow in Copper Pearl and Tinted Lip Spa in Matador)

Here’s what Red won:

(Trio Eye Shadow in Anti Diva, Black Label lipstick in Sangria, single eyeshadow in Charcoal Pearl and Tinted Lip Spa in Matador)

By far our favorite NYX product are the Jumbo Eye Pencils. These pencils work great as a base or highlighter, and the pigmentation is great! The pencils are less than $5 each, and come in a variety of colors.

Some colors we recommend are Milk (white), Cottage Cheese (shimmery white), and Yogurt (champagne pink).

Tell us if have you tried NYX and what products you love.


Red & Pants


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