eos Limited Edition Lip Balm Giveaway Winner!

3 May

We had to rub our eyes and pinch ourselves to make sure we weren’t dreaming. We had over 100 entries! Our first little giveaway only  had three entries.  We are so excited to have a few more readers now! If we keep gaining readers, we hope that we can open future giveaways to those outside of the U.S.

So now without further ado, a big congratulations goes to Christina Novello! Her favorite lip balm at the moment is Palmer’s Cocoa Butter. Miss Christina please shoot us an email with your contact information and we’ll get your prize to you soon!


Mother’s Day is this weekend, and we hope you’ve already found something for your mamas, but in case you haven’t, here are some ideas!

Makeup Brush KitSigma Eyes Kit, $45

This is what Pants decided to get Mama Pants (no worries, she doesn’t read the blog because she doesn’t know how to work the Googles). Mama Pants kept commenting on how Pants’ eye makeup looked like it was blended a lot better than hers, so Pants decided to get her mom some nice brushes.

Gift Set with BagStila Garden Bliss Set, $32

Gift sets are great because they get several items to try, and a bag to store them all in! We really love this kit because the bag is cute and can be used as a clutch as well, and it comes with almost a full face – eyeshadow, blush, mascara and lip gloss! The colors are pretty universal too, so it’s not going to be something that’s too wild and will be tosses aside.

Sephora Favorites – Best of Fragrance Deluxe Sampler For Her, $50

These sets from Sephora are great because if you want to buy your mom a mascara, perfume or lip gloss, but don’t know what kind she would like, you can give her options! These kits come with several sample size products (and some even come with a bag or  an eyelash curler). Once your mom tries them all out and picks a favorite, she can use a voucher that came with a kit to get a full-size version for free.

Smell Goods!LUSH Honey Farm kit, $35,95

We just recently discovered LUSH, and we love the massage bars. It would be fun to make your own kit based on what you mom likes. Bath bombs are the big item with LUSH, but not everyone likes taking a bath, so maybe you could get your mom some massage bars (Heavanilli is amazeballs!), Emotibombs or body creams. If you’re not up to that task, LUSH makes several pre-packaged sets, such as the Honey Farm Kit.

DIY Makeup Kit – MAC Pro Palette Eye Shadow x 4, $6; Gift card, $50

MAC refill pans are $11 each, so if you get your mom a $50 gift card to go along with the palette, she could pick her own colors. Inglot also has the Freedom System where you can get an empty palette and pick your own colors of blush, eyeshadows and even pressed powder. The palettes are more expensive, but the refill prices vary depending on quantity purchased.

Do you have any good ideas for Mother’s Day gifts? Share them with us!


Red & Pants


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