Quite Cute Surprise!

13 Apr

Pantsy Pants here. I’ve been eyeing MAC’s Quite Cute collection for a while now, and decided I had to have one of the blushes. Sakura is the one I wanted because I’ve also been lusting after a purple blush. Why? Because I don’t have one, and they’re not too common. I ALMOST ordered one when the collection came out on April 7, but I didn’t have a free shipping code. MAC almost always has a free shipping code, so I was disappointed and decided to wait. Then on Friday I checked my email, and the angels sang and a complete double rainbow formed over top of me, while mini unicorns galloped around my office (no worries, my office mate is totally cool with all of those things.) – MAC sent out a new free shipping code!

Oh yeah, and there was that whole possible “government shut down” thing going on, which would have really put a cramp in my plans since I there was a possibility I would not have been able to work/receive a paycheck. But luckily we were also told on Friday that even if there had been a shut down, we probably would have been able to work still. Again, IT WAS DESTINY!

So today I received my totally deserved Sakura blush. BEHOLD!

My lighting is terrible, so I didn’t want to waste my time with swatches. Check out Temptalia’s review and swatches. While she doesn’t give the highest marks for this blush, her swatches are what made me decide that I needed Sakura in my life. I am very excited to try it out tomorrow, and will post my own review in the future.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! I also received FREE PINS!

The day after I ordered my blush I saw on MAC’s website that if you spend $75, you’ll get free Quite Cute buttons. See!

But I didn’t spend $75! No, friends, all I bought was the blush, which cost $23. And I still got the pins. Suck on that. Sorry, I get excited about free things.

Also, I attended Working Women’s Wednesday tonight, and won a free blueberry smoothie facial chemical peel, which I think sounds terrifying. Should I be terrified?


Red & Pants


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