12 Apr

This weekend was the oh so glorious IMATS (International Make-Up Artist Trade Show). You don’t have to be a make-up artist attend because it is open to the public. We Glimmer Shimmer girls discussed going, but Red had the State Dance Festival the same weekend and was performing so couldn’t miss. The travesty!!! If she had missed, she would have missed out seeing this hunk o’ change  and her dance idol backstage while she was waiting to perform.

Sascha Radetsky –  If he looks familiar think Center Stage and your dreams.

We were very disappointed about missing the IMATS, but we hope to attend next year.  We have been seeing some amazing hauls pop up in YouTube Make-Up Guru land.  You can get some amazing things at such reduced rates. Here are some IMATS hauls from this weekend that we enjoyed!

ThatGirlShaeXo – IMATS NYC 2011 Haul – We’re total jelly sandwiches over her Inglot blush palette!

– Haul: IMATS New York 2011 – She got an Inglot blush palette too!

– NYX IMATS Haul – More Inglot, eeeee!

– 2011 NYC IMATS Haul! – Disemboweled Jack Gyllenhaal?!

Any good IMATS hauls that we left out?


Red & Pants


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