Poll results – What products do you typically “hit pan” on?

4 Apr

Friday we asked what products you typically hit pan on – eyeshadow and blush tied for first place, followed by lipstick in second, with setting powder and mascara in third.

We just realized that we left out foundation… That probably would have been a popular one. Our bad, guys! Our freakin’ bad.

Here are the items we’ve hit pan on:


I have a few favorite eyeshadows that I usually go to on mornings when I’m running late/in a hurry/can’t think long enough to decide what colors to wear. The first one pictured is Sparkle by Elizabeth Arden, my favorite highlight! I used to wear it every day, but I’ve been switching things up lately. The next one in the photo is Lucky Penny by Clinique, which is described as a muted bronze with a hint of pink. It’s a great sparkly neutral. The last eyeshadow is Underground by Urban Decay, a super shimmery medium brown. One day I decided I wanted a sparkly brown and I found this, which was exactly what I was looking for.

I’m also on the last few drops of my Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin. I love having a sparkly base. I don’t even have to use a highlight with this, but I typically do. It keeps my shadows from creasing and looking like they’ve just been applied all day.

Of course I’ve “hit pan” on my tinted moisturizer (Lancome Aqua Fusion Teinte), I don’t know how many tubes of it I’ve used. Loves it.


I have a few go to items that are my favorites. Pictured above is Lorac’s Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Powder, something I use every day. It has a hint of shimmer to it which can help you achieve a pretty dewy effect.

The next pictured item is the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage Concealer.  This is the best concealer that I have EVER used.  I can hide any blemish, dark circles, redness, anything with this stuff.  I will be ordering another one very soon.

The last item pictured is MAC Eye Shadow in Honey Lust.  I absolutely love this shimmery coppery shadow. It is fabulous and is easily worn alone or paired with other shadows. No worries I already have a full size pan waiting on me.

The following are several items not shown that I’ve “hit pan” recently and  have already replaced them.

Nars Blush in Orgasm: This is the perfect shimmery peachy blush color. I wear it all of the time. I have lost track of what number I’m on.

NYX Round Case Lipstick in Ceto: I just replaced this on the recent makeup extravaganza trip to Pittsburgh. This lipstick is absolutely amazing. It’s a gorgeous frosty pink shade. You can layer so many different lipglosses over it for the most amazing looks.

Tell us what items you’ve “hit pan” on recently.


Red & Pants


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