Poll Results – Would you wear a feather hair extension?

21 Mar

It was great to see an increase in voters this week! Yeah, we only had nine, but that’s definitely an increase.

On Friday, we asked our readers if they would wear a feather extension, and 66 percent said that they would.

Red went to a local salon and found out they will bond feather extensions, and charge $100 for 10 of them. When you think of it as $10 each, that’s not bad, but we wouldn’t want to pay that much.

Pants has been trying to do the extensions herself. You only need four items:

  • hair threader (this isn’t absolutely necessary, but makes things way easier and it’s inexpensive)
  • silicon-lined crimp beads
  • crimping tool (Pants used one she had for jewelry making, or you could probably use regular pliers to just flatten the bead)
  • FEATHERS! (We ordered feathers from here, and got them super fast!)

Of course, you don’t have to buy any of those items from those places. We just wanted to give you an idea of what they look like, along with what you might be paying. Here is Pants’ supplies.

Now, there’s definitely some trial and error. It’s really hard to see the bead to crimp it when you’re trying to apply one to yourself. Pants put her first one in Thursday night, and then accidentally combed out the bead Friday morning after washing her hair. She then reapplied it, and it just slipped out later that night – there was a big gap in the crimp bead. So Sunday, Pants asked her mom to crimp the bead for her, and as of Monday night, the feather is still in there! She’s been reusing the same feather (remember – you can wash them, dry them, curl them AND straighten them!). So she’s only wasted a few crimp beads.

Red ordered a second batch of feathers (teal!), so we’re excited to have an extension party this weekend! Maybe we’ll take some photos to add to our Facebook page!

Has anyone else tried out feather extensions? What did you think?


Red & Pants


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