Brush-brush-brush! Brush-brush-brush!

9 Mar

Some people can use anything to apply their makeup – cotton swabs, fingers – and they still look great. However, we’ve noticed that the right brush makes all the difference in the world. But most brushes are booooooooring. We like cute. If we have to have something, we’re going to pick the cute version over the plain one. So today we’re picking out our favorite cute brushes.

Sigma Make Me Up 12 Brush Kit – We love these Sigma brushes! The case opens up and can be used as two cups to hold the brushes. It would also be easy to travel with, and you wouldn’t have to worry about someone mistaking your brushes for theirs or “borrowing” them without getting caught red handed!

Tarina Tarantino Fuchsia Revolution Brush Set – Pants has these brushes and LOVES them. They’re bright, and easy to find at the bottom of a makeup bag. The bristles are soft and keep their shape cleaning after cleaning.

Tarina Tarantino Kapinki Brush – Pants has this brush as well, and loves it too! It’s really pretty, and the bristles are super soft. Also, because the bristles are dark pink, the blush blends in so the brush doesn’t look old and dirty! The only downside is that it doesn’t come with a case for travel.

Hello Kitty Brush Set: Unfortunately you have to decapitate Hello Kitty to get to these brushes. They’re a pretty light pink, but on the small side. And if you have $500 to spare, why not get the Glittercute Collection Swarovski-covered version!










Tell us, have you spotted any cute brushes as of late?



Red & Pants


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