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New YouTube Favies!

30 Mar

Recenty we’ve discovered a few more beauty gurus that we wanted to share with you. They all are super adorbs!

Laurenisokay: She is punky and adorable.  This girl definitely loves some color as do we.

TiffanyD: This lady knows her stuff. She has excellent celeb tutuorials as well as super fun haul videos.

Thatgirlshaexo: We love this gal. She has an assortment of makeup and hair tutorials, as well as haul videos.  Also, she has feathers in her hair. That makes her A-OK in our book.

Tell us have you found any fun YouTube gurus lately?


Red & Pants


Urban Decay Summer 2011 Products

29 Mar

We are super pumped for Urban Decay’s summer line. Mostly because the Primer Potions are ALL finally going to be in tubes! The old containers were cute, and we love the doe foot applicator, but you wasted a lot a product that was impossible to get out.

Here’s the old version, which is still available:

The tube versions are currently only available at Sephora. We checked the Sephora we visited on Makeup Sunday, but it didn’t have them in stock yet.

A preview of the rest of the summer line can be seen on Temptalia. We spy with our little eyes some tinted moisturizers and baked bronzers that look pretty fun!

What items are you most excited about in Urban Decay’s summer 2011 line?


Red & Pants

Poll Results – Where do you like to shop for makeup? / Haul!!!

28 Mar

On Friday we asked where you like to shop for makeup, and Sephora came in first place, followed by drugstores and Target in second place.

We love to buy makeup everywhere, we don’t discriminate. However, yesterday we had MAKEUPS SUNDAY! We, along with our friend Shanny, headed up to Pittsburgh, making a stop at South Hills Village for Macy’s, which has a MAC counter and carries Lush products, and then we headed up to Ulta!

We’ve been planning this trip for a while, saving up, making lists, plotting… And it was quite successful. Keep in mind, some of these products we just got for the first time, so we really can’t review them yet.

Here are our hauls!


First stop was MAC.

I knew I needed a new Eye Brows in Lingering. I first bought one in September, and it lasted through January. I ran out of my new one Sunday morning, so this trip was perfectly timed. I guess I’ve gotten a little more heavy handed with it, but I love that eye brow pencil. It really makes a difference.

I also have been wanting to try a full-coverage foundation. I’ve been a tinted moisturizer user for years, and I love that there is SPF in it. Recently I found out that MAC has a few foundations with SPF in them, and I wanted to give them a try. I had to be color-matched, and I found out that I’m a NW15, which is the lightest neutral warm. I now know that I have a warm complexion because I have pink undertones. I decided to try out the Studio Fix Fluid with SPF 15. I loved the coverage it gave, and the girl at the counter told me it’s really good for combination skin. She also set the foundation with the Mineralize Skin Finish Natural in Light Medium. I’ve noticed lately that I’m shiny, and I went shine-free all day yesterday. I’m really excited to give these a try.

Next stop was Lush! We’ve never been before, but we’ve seen several Lush hauls on YouTube and wanted to check them out.

I only got a couple items to try out. Bath bombs are some of their most popular items, and I’m not a bath taker. Possibly because I don’t like to clean my bath tub, and also because I’m not the type of person who just likes to sit around in water. I’m not a swimmer either. But anyway, the Vanilla Fountain Bath Bomb smelled too good to pass up. The ladies who worked there were sooooo helpful, and told me I could cut the bath bomb in two and use it twice. (they also gave us those two little free samples there in Sweetie Pie and Turkish Delight!) I thought about trying it tonight since I’m sick, but I don’t want to waste it since I can’t smell anything right now.

I also decided to try out a massage bar in Heavanilli. You rub this in your hands to heat it up, and it softens into a lotion. I also bought a tin to keep the massage bar it. They tend to get melty if you keep them in the bathroom during a shower.

Next stop was Sephora!

I’ve been sitting on a Sephora gift card for months. I got it from my credit card rewards program. I finally decided I wanted to try out another one of the Too Faced palettes since I love the Romantic Eye Collection so much. However, I wanted to see them in person to make a decision. The Natural Eye palette had more shimmers and darker colors. Also, I decided to try out Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance in Candlelight. I love UD’s Primer Potion in Sin, but so much goes unused because of the shape of the bottle. I love how shimmery it was when I tested it on my hands. Also, I got a Smashbox 500-point perk for free! It came with eyeliner, a shadow trio, eye primer and mascara. Can’t wait to try it!

Last stop was Ulta!

While perusing the aisles, I spotted a huge table of black nail polish. I looked closer, noticed it was OPI Shattered and made a beeline for it! I grabbed one for me and Red, and showed Shanny, who also picked one up. I’m so excited to give this a try.

I also wanted to find a foundation brush to apply my new MAC foundation. Red suggested the Ecotools brand. It looks pretty well-made, but I haven’t got to try it out yet, womp womp!

The only thing on my list for Ulta was a NYX Jumbo Pencil in Cottage Cheese. I picked that up, and Rocky Mountain Green. I just recently realized I don’t have a green eyeliner, and had to fix that immediately.

The last item I picked up was a EOS Lip Balm in Honeysuckle Honeydew. I recently bought the Summer Fruit and loved it, but I left it on my desk at work over the weekend.

Hopefully within a few weeks I’ll be able to start reviewing a few of these items. I’m hoping my cold is gone tomorrow so that I can start using them!


As mentioned above we headed to MAC first and by headed I mean ran full speed through the store.

I had a very LARGE list for MAC, however I didn’t realize that you can only purchase palette refills at MAC stores and online. From there my list greatly decreased, but no worries there were still things to buy. I got their Lipglass in Nymphette.  It’s a sunny golden pink which is just perfect for spring and summer. I wore it today and absolutely love it.

I also got a shadow in Beauty Marked. It was one that I didn’t necessarily want in my palettes, but definitely one that I needed for my collection. It’s an absolutely gorgeous black/red color with sparkle.

Next was Lush. I was super excited to go here after watching a million hauls on You-Tube.

I ended up getting two massage bars. When you purchase two you get a tin for free. Score! I got the Each Peach (and Two’s a Pair) bar. Despite peach in the name it is a very citrusy cent. I’m hoping it will help wake me up in the mornings. I also go the Heavanilli bar. It is such a lovely vanilla scent. I can’t wait try both of these bars out.

I like Pants also got the Turkish Delight and Sweetie Pie samples. The Lush gals really hooked us up.  The next time I go here, or maybe I’ll order some online I want to get their Honey I Washed the Kids Soap. If you like honey, this stuff is for you. It smells awesome.

At Sephora, I didn’t really have much on my list.  Fabulous Doug, who worked there, showed me some fun shimmery powder by Makeup Forever.  What I really wanted was the new Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush by Tarte. I got a pretty plumy rose color called Blushing Bride. It even has a little shimmer to it! This blush is supposed to be amazing according to several videos I watched on You-Tube.  I tried it out today, but have yet to make a decision about it yet. I will definitely keep you posted.

I had several beauty points saved up and was able to get the Smashbox Perfectly Polished Lids gift like Pants. I’m excited to try it out!

The main thing I wanted at Ulta were the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils. I absolutely love them and just needed more colors. MORE! I got them in Rust, Yogurt, French Fried, and Dark Brown.  I also replaced a NYX lipstick in Ceto. I have really dug into this lipstick and it got a little messy near the end. It was definitely time for a replacement.

I can’t believe Ulta actually had OPI’s Black Shatter nail polish.  I was so excited to get my grubby little paws on it. I’m so glad that Pants spotted it.

I picked up the EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint. I have their other scents and decided I needed to finish my collection.

I think it is safe to say that this was a successful shopping trip.  Look for reviews of some of these products soon.

Tell us, have you purchased anything fun recently.


Red & Pants

POLL – Where do you like to shop for makeup?

25 Mar

Brand Favorites: Urban Decay

23 Mar

Today is the second edition of our feature, Brand Favorites, where we pick out our favorite products from different makeup lines. We’re going to focus on Urban Decay today. It’s no secret that us girls love us some Urban Decay. The eyeshadows are very pigmented and sparkly, which we’re huge fans of. Here are some of our favey faves!

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil – These pencils really do glide on. They’re so creamy, and are perfect for lining the water line.

Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin – This adds a sparkly base to all our eyeshadows AND prevents creasing all day!

The Naked Palette – Do we really need to explain why this is awesome? So many colors, so many looks, pretty pretty pretty pretty!

Urban Glow Cream Highlight – Probably the best highlighter we’ve tried. Blends great and adds TONS of shimmer. And it’s definitely portable.


Tell us which Urban Decay products you absolutely love.


Red & Pants

MAC Surf Baby Collection

22 Mar

We finally caught a peek at MAC’s new Surf Baby Collection. It will be released for the summer on May 26. You can find pics of the full collection at Makeup Talk.

First we would like to say that this ad did not draw us into the collection. The colors turn out to be actually very pretty, but this model looks like death. We’re sure she’s naturally a pretty girl, but what did they do to her!? Where are her eyebrows? Did the “summer sun” bleach them out? We’re not fans of the no eyebrow look. Yuckies. Not exactly the look we tend to go for during the summer months.

We particularly have our eye on the blush in My Paradise. It looks absolutely gorgeous!

The crushed metallic pigment stacks look like so much fun too! The colors are amazeballz! Just imagine all of the pretty looks you can create with these!

Tell us what you think of the Surf Baby Collection!


Red & Pants

Poll Results – Would you wear a feather hair extension?

21 Mar

It was great to see an increase in voters this week! Yeah, we only had nine, but that’s definitely an increase.

On Friday, we asked our readers if they would wear a feather extension, and 66 percent said that they would.

Red went to a local salon and found out they will bond feather extensions, and charge $100 for 10 of them. When you think of it as $10 each, that’s not bad, but we wouldn’t want to pay that much.

Pants has been trying to do the extensions herself. You only need four items:

  • hair threader (this isn’t absolutely necessary, but makes things way easier and it’s inexpensive)
  • silicon-lined crimp beads
  • crimping tool (Pants used one she had for jewelry making, or you could probably use regular pliers to just flatten the bead)
  • FEATHERS! (We ordered feathers from here, and got them super fast!)

Of course, you don’t have to buy any of those items from those places. We just wanted to give you an idea of what they look like, along with what you might be paying. Here is Pants’ supplies.

Now, there’s definitely some trial and error. It’s really hard to see the bead to crimp it when you’re trying to apply one to yourself. Pants put her first one in Thursday night, and then accidentally combed out the bead Friday morning after washing her hair. She then reapplied it, and it just slipped out later that night – there was a big gap in the crimp bead. So Sunday, Pants asked her mom to crimp the bead for her, and as of Monday night, the feather is still in there! She’s been reusing the same feather (remember – you can wash them, dry them, curl them AND straighten them!). So she’s only wasted a few crimp beads.

Red ordered a second batch of feathers (teal!), so we’re excited to have an extension party this weekend! Maybe we’ll take some photos to add to our Facebook page!

Has anyone else tried out feather extensions? What did you think?


Red & Pants

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