Gift Suggestions for Your Valentine

9 Feb

It’s never a good idea to assume people will get you the gift you want if you don’t drop hints, i.e. just tell them. We’ve been known to e-mail lists – complete with direct links – to our loved ones to let them know EXACTLY what gifts will make our little hearts skip a beat.

But for the boys/men/guys who aren’t lucky to be with us (hahahahahah!), here are some gift suggestions. And don’t think that by buying your lady makeup or perfume that you’re saying she’s ugly or stinky – it’s saying that you support her makeup buying habits, and you understand that pretty makeups make her happy.

If your lady loves eyeshadow and wears every color of the rainbow on hers lids, then one (or all!) of these new Urban Decay palettes would make a great gift. The $34 palettes come in Feminine, Dangerous and Fun.

If your lady friend is more into the natural look – meaning you know she wears makeup but you can’t see it – Too Faced has several great palettes that she’ll be sure to love, each of which cost $35.

Too Faced Romantic Eye collection:

Too Faced Natural Eye Kit:

Too Faced Naked Eye Kit:

Is your girl more into lip glosses? Then you should get her the Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip collection ($26). This collection comes with seven mini glosses, and a coupon to redeem one full-sized version of her favorite gloss from the set.

If your lady is more into pretty fragrances than makeup, then the Sephora Favorites Best of Fragrance Deluxe Sampler for Her ($50) is perfect! This little set even comes with an adorable pink cosmetic case which makes it an even better gift! Like the lip gloss set, it also comes with a voucher for one full-sized version.

The Philosophy Sweet on You Set is perfect for any lovely girl.  It includes a shower gel, body lotion, and lip shine that smells like candy.  Everyone should smell sweet like candy!

Tell us, what do you have your eye on for Valentine’s Day?


Red & Pants


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