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Poll Results – What do you think of Gaga’s new MAC lipstick?/Oscars Best Dressed

28 Feb

A Glimmer & Shimmer first! Our readers voted 100 percent that they would rather Lady Gaga’s new MAC Viva Glam lipstick and lip glass be a brighter color instead of nude.

Speaking of Gaga, Pants saw her Saturday in concert and she was AMAZEBALLS! Her show is interesting, and she’s a great performer. She doesn’t lip sync, and her voice sounds just like it does on her albums. If you get a chance to see her, do it! It is definitely worth it! (Especially to see all the fun outfits and makeup all the other fans are wearing!)


If you missed the Oscars last night, you really didn’t miss too much. The opening sequence was pretty funny, but you can catch that on the YouTubes… We’ll catch you up on our picks for best dressed! (Photos from


Mila Kunis

Gwyneth Paltrow

Cate Blanchett

Hailee Steinfeld

Who were your favorites?


Red & Pants

POLL – What do you think of Gaga’s new MAC lipstick?

25 Feb

We love us some Gaga and we love us some MAC… so it only makes sense that we would love when the two come together.

Last year Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga teamed up with MAC for its Viva Glam collection. Gaga’s lipstick and lip glass were a pretty light pink, something similar to a color she’s seen wearing often.

Well, this year MAC teamed up with Gaga again for a new Viva Glam shade, but this time it’s a nude color.

We were expecting something with a little more pizzazz. What do you think about this beige?


Red & Pants

Brand Favorites: Too Faced

24 Feb

We are starting a new series here at Glimmer and Shimmer that will feature our favorite products from different brands. Today we will be picking our favorites from Too Faced. It’s no lie that this brand has really grown on us recently.  Here are our favs!

Red’s Pick:

Glamour Gloss – I absolutely love this lip gloss. It’s one of my go to glosses.  It is super shiny with a subtle plumping action.  I find that this gloss isn’t too sticky or drying.  Two of my favorite shades are Pillow Talk and Barely Legal.

Shadow Insurance – This eye shadow primer is pretty amazing. It goes on super light  and really makes your shadow stay.  A little definitely goes a long way.

Pants’ Pick: Like Red, I also LOVE the Glamour Gloss in Pillow Talk. I have a mini version that I’ve thought I’ve lost three different and experienced a plethora of emotions – sadness, depression then elation when I found it! The gloss is pretty, smells good and has a good texture.

Romantic Eye Collection – I know I’ve talked about this 18 times, but I love love love love love this eye shadow collection. Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this!


What are you favorite Too Faced products?


Red & Pants

Let’s Go Gaga!!!

23 Feb

This weekend Pants is a super lucky girl and gets to go see the one and only Lady Gaga. Today we want to talk about fun makeup to wear to the concert. It’s Gaga so you HAVE to go all out.

You can’t have a better opportunity to sport MAC’s Lipstick in Viva Glam Gaga.

This would also be the perfect time to sport some fierce glitter liner. The Sephora Glitter Eye Liner is the perfect shade of gold.

It’s not every day you get to wear crazy makeup, so why not go all out and wear bright fuchsia lipstick, like this Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in Fifth Ave Fuchsia.

While Pants isn’t positive what she’s wearing yet (you can’t wear normal clothes to see Gaga, right?), she DOES know that her nails are going to be glittery, thanks to Sally Hansen’s Salon Effects Nail Strips in Frock Star. (While these are pretty scarce in Morgantown, Pants hit the jackpot this weekend while visiting her parents and stocked up.)

If you really wanna get wild, some eyeshadow tattoos are definitely the way to go. Walmart carries some made by Hard Candy.

And we can’t forget colored mascara too. You should really just look like a rainbow took a giant dump on your face because this is the only place where it’ll be accepted with open arms. Urban Decay Big Fatty Colored Mascara comes in Black Cherry, Electric Blue, Flipside and Indigo.

What would you wear to see Lady Gaga?


Red & Pants

Valentine Hauls

22 Feb

For Valentine’s Day some want chocolates and others want flowers. We of course wanted makeup. We Glimmer and Shimmer girls did indeed receive some makeup love from our loved ones. Here’s what we ended up with.


My mom asked me several weeks before Valentine’s Day what I wanted. I tried for the Sigma Make Me Cool brush set, but that didn’t happen. Can’t blame me for trying. SOOOO then I said I wanted the Too Faced Romantic Eye collection. I’ve been wearing these shadows every day since I got the collection.

This palette has a great mix of colors, with a bit of shimmer and matte. I love to use the top row as an everyday look, following the instruction cards that came with the set. First, I put Soulmates (a shimmery white) from lash to brows. Then I apply I Do (a smoky taupe) in the crease, and blend it out. I use an angled liner brush to apply Unveil (a dark brown) on the top and halfway across the bottom lid and smudge.

I also used the middle row – Kiss the Bride (pink petal), Cut the Cake (light lavender) and First Dance (dark purple), to go out one night, and I think the look can be altered for day.

I’ve only played with the bottom row colors a few times – Bouquet Toss (matte cream), Honeymoon (shimmery gold), Ever After (sparkly chocolate) – but I love, love, love them. I definitely need to use them more.

I also got the full size version of Benefit’s High Beam. This works really well to add a highlight to my brow bone and cheekbones.

Red: I really really REALLY wanted the Too Faced Romantic Eye Collection that Pants got. I gave daily hints and e-mails, but to no avail. What I did end up with was a gift certificate to MAC. I received an empty professional eye palette for Christmas, so this gave me the opportunity to get some goodies to fill it up.  It was hard narrowing it down, because I of course have an ever growing list of eye shadows that I must have. I chose the following colors for my palettes:

Brule – soft creamy beige

Cork – muted golden brown

Patina – taupe brown with golden pearl

Mulch – red brown with bronze pearl

Parfait Amour – blue violet with shimmer

Green Smoke – tarnished olive

Tell us what goodies you got for Valentine’s Day!


Red & Pants

Poll Results – Would you buy Twilight makeup?

21 Feb

It looks like Twilight makeup isn’t very popular with our readers. Out of five votes, only one person voted that they would buy the products.

Honestly, if the makeup is cute in person and reasonably priced, we wouldn’t care what brand name was on it. Unless maybe it was Justin Bieber nail polish. We just can’t support that.

Today’s post is a little short, but Red’s computer is down and Pants was on the road for three hours today, so we haven’t had much time. We’ll get back at it tomorrow, we promise!


Red & Pants

POLL – Would you buy Twilight makeup?

18 Feb

So it’s no secret that we wish our skin sparkled like those darn Twilight vampires. And for those who feel the same, no fear – there’s Twilight inspired makeup!

Mortal Glow Blushing Cream comes in two colors that add some diamond-like sparkles to your skin, and there are several eyeshadow palettes inspired by the ladies in the film.

You can see some of the collection on sale at All Cosmetics Wholesale.

There’s also a Team Edward and a Team Jacob gift set, which may be a little more difficult to choose between than the actual boys.

(Team Edward is cool tones, and Team Jacob is warm tones)

Well readers, what is it – Are you Team Twilight or not?


Red & Pants

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