Poll results – What hair tool can you not live without?

31 Jan

Our readers heart their hair dryers, according to our Friday poll. Flat irons came in second, and curling irons came in third with zero votes.

We Glimmer and Shimmer ladies have recently fallen in love with a flat iron. Not only does it straighten Red’s wavy hair with ease, but it curls the CRAP out of our hair. Yes, that’s right, the flat iron curls our hair!

Pants has always had issues with curling her hair – typically when she uses a curling iron, she ends up with her hair flipped out on the ends, with no curl. However, once Red curled her hair for her, she fell in love and never wanted to have straight hair again.

Once we actually got the hang of it, we think it’s easier to curl our hair with the flat iron than with a curling iron. There are several great videos on YouTube that show you how to do it:

(skip to the 2:20 mark to see her start curling)

When searching for a flat iron that can curl your hair, make sure the edges are rounded or “beveled.” If the edges are square or 90 degree angles, you’ll end up with crimps and lines.

We both have the Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 in Flat Iron holiday set, that came with a super duper thermal case and a brush.

This flat iron is definitely G&S approved.


Red & Pants

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