POLL – Who do you think needs a makeup intervention?

21 Jan

This week we’ve started a new feature where we discuss stars who are in a makeup rut. Don’t get us wrong, finding the right look for you is great, but you gotta change things up sometimes. Yeah, baby blue eyeshadow was great in the ’80s, but not so much now. You can still rock some blue eyeshadow, but not the same way as Lisa Turtle on “Saved by the Bell.”

We want to know who you think needs a makeup intervention.

Taylor Momsen – Taylor, Taylor, Taylor… You’re such a pretty girl and so cute with natural makeup. PLEASE put down the black eyeliner. You don’t need to stop cold turkey, but you don’t have to use an entire pencil each day on your eyes.

Vera Wang – We’ve complained about her before… Please, please, please if you’re going to sell makeup, wear it!

Helena Bonham Carter – Oh, sweetie, you look homeless. You’re so cute. We just want you to be cute!

Alexa and Olivia from “Jerseylicious” – These girls are professional makeup artists, and we wouldn’t let them within 10 feet of us with a makeup brush!

Chloe Sevigny – Her lips are a little bit blah for red lipstick, and she definitely needs to go heavier on eye makeup with her light lashes.


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