New Year Resolutions

30 Dec

Most people make resolutions to lose weight, eat healthy, be more outgoing, blah blah blah blah. BORING! And it’s hard to keep those things up all the time. So we decided we’re going to come up with some makeup resolutions this year.

What are some things you want to do differently? Try to polish your nails more? Master the art of liquid liner? Here are our resolutions!


1 – Wear more color on my lips – I have a couple of pretty reds and bright pinks, but I always seem to gravitate towards a nude lip. I’d love to try to incorporate so more lip color into my style.

2 – Master winged eye liner – I love a cat eye, and I do sport one occasionally, but I’d like to get really good at winging my eye liner.

3 – Wear more sparkle – Everyone needs more sparkle in their life and so do I!


1 – Master the outer V – Emily of Beauty Broadcast is great at the outer V. It always looks great on her. I’ve tried it several times, but I end up with different shapes on each eye.

2 – Wear more colorful eyeshadow – I was good about wearing colorful shadows for a while, but lately I’ve been slacking and sticking with neutrals on work days. I have so many pretty colors and I need to start wearing them  more often.

3 – Learn to contour – I would love to learn how to contour both in the crease of my eye and on my cheeks. I think I’ve almost got the eye part down – it comes down to blending. But I’m scared of BRONZAH because of Jerseylicious. I’ll have to have Red teach me.

What are your makeup resolutions?


Red & Pants


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